50 Images of London Street Art Photography: Part 1

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It’s been a while since I posted a good collection of street art. So, I’ve ventured over to the magical world of East London, oh so far from home, to scope out some of the latest pieces of street art that continually pop up over there. I’m waiting until there’s a blast of street art in the West but apart from Don’s forays into Richmond and a few pieces spotted around Fulham, it’s not looking promising.

Here’s a look at some of the pieces I’ve found followed by a few from the Flickr pool at the end and in fact, I will continue to a new post tomorrow because there is a ton!

Masai & Milo TchaisPhoto: Masai and Milo Tchais. This one is in my Etsy Shop.

Photo: The Calm Zone

Photo: Alice

Phone Box Paste Ups
Photo: D7606 

Phone Box Paste Ups
Photo: D7606

Yellow Phone Box
Photo: D7606

Dan Kitchener Art
Photo: Dan Kitchener

Photo: C215

IMG_5617Photo: Not sure who did this one. Anyone? 

IMG_5620_2Photo: Mobstr

IMG_5621Photo: DON. Did you see my interview with the artist

IMG_5623_2Photo: Gee

IMG_5624_2Photo: DON

IMG_5625_2Photo: DON

IMG_5626Photo: DON

IMG_5630_2Photo: Teddy Baden

IMG_5632_2Photo: DON

IMG_5633Photo: C215

And from the Flickr Pool:

Skate board
Photo: Skate Park by Tak Photo

Photo: Ronzo by Alex Ellison

Photo: Ronzo by Alex Ellison

Photo: Ronzo by Alex Ellison

Malarky & Gold Peg
Photo: Malarky and Gold Peg by Alex Ellison

Photo: Edwin by Alex Ellison

Ben Slow
Photo: Ben Slow by Alex Ellison

Favourites? There’s some real talent on London’s streets right now, don’t you think?

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