Messages on Walls: Brick Lane

Sticking with the East End stuff I’ve posted in the last few days, have a read of some of the messages on the walls around Brick Lane.

The World is Such a Funny Place

“The world is such a funny place. There’s some who’re nice and some who’re mean and all of those who’re inbetween: I hope you’re happy on Brick Lane.”

..And Been So Happy

“Neil’s take on things: I’ve never had so little and been so happy.”

To Live in London

“To live in London is a bore, unless you’ve got a 4×4. The roads in London are a task – of course I need a jeep, why ask?”

Anyone know who wrote these or if there are any more around?

Messages on Walls: Be God.

Found this on a wall in the market just off Brick Lane. 

Be God

Just a laugh? A statement on the tangled relationship between the fragility of humanity and the demands of organised religion? A message to people with delusions of grandeur? Boredom and a bit of extra packing tape?

I suppose the beauty of these little London moments is that it’s up to us to decide…

Old Street: Truth Ingestion

This little corner of old street is just outside the station. Usually I avert my eyes when I walk by because that back corner is too often occupied by a tramp relieving himself against the wall. This time, however, it was an empty little square full of only empty beer bottles, kebab trays from the night, napkins before marked by dirty boot prints and a new message scrawled along the wall: “Truth Ingestion”. And maybe it’s true that life in this little derelict corner is a truth too easy to ignore.