Elephants 181-190

Bringing in the last week of December, here’s another handful of the colourful elephants…

181. Kubella – The Seaside Elephant by Natalie Guy; originally at St. Christopher’s Place
Kubella - The Seaside Elephant

182. Fatima by Natasha Mann; Kensington Gore

183. Jaidayal (The Triumph of Kindness) by Nathalie Gouraud; More London

184. The Human Disease by Nathan McKenna; originally on Great Eastern Street
The Human Disease

185. Less is Morvi by Nicky Haslam; V&A Museum
Less is Morvi

186. Around the World by Nilesh Mistry; BlackRock, King William Street
Around the World

Around the World

187. Heavenly Jewel by Nilesh Mistry; Leicester Square Gardens
Heavenly Jewel

188. MAYUR GAJENDRA by Nilesh Mistry; BlackRock, King William Street

189. Elephant Farfalla by Nina Campbell; Orange Square
Elephant Farfalla

190. Josephine by Patrice Moor; Sloane Square

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!