Colombia: A New Adventure

Hi everyone!

As promised, I came back to let you know where to find me next. I’ve now started up my Colombia blog which will be very similar to this one – lots of interviews, colourful photos and stories of my adventures. I leave on Tuesday.

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Say hi to London for me x

Photo Scavengers – October

This will be quite a long entry as is it is a result of the Photo Scavenger hunt for October. The main site is here if you want to check it out or join in. Some of these photos have already been posted here, so I will make them smaller.

1.   Cosy
Strangers snuggled up under a willow tree in Camden
2.   A stranger
For this one, I did something I never did before and worked up the nerve to approach a stranger for a photo. I got talking to her because she was selling lapis lazuli jewellery from Afghanistan in Camden Market for a man who was away to see his family in Kabul. When I asked her, she was amazingly cooperative, found a cool place to stand. She said, “You know, I’m flattered. I used to be a model you know. Many years ago. I ain’t got the face anymore, but I’ve still got the body.”

3.   An icon of your city
Two for one deal – Big Ben and the London Underground.

4.   Childhood
This little girl was hanging out in Hampstead on Sunday while we were watching the Morris Dancers.

Something red and green
Not the best image as far as photography goes, but instead of red and green foliage photos, I chose this one because I thought the concept was pretty cool to fit the key word (along with the colours, of course).
6.   A pattern or texture
This was taken near St James’s Park.
7.   Street art
This is above a garage on Portobello Road.

8.   An image that could be a book cover
For some sort of thriller novel…This is from the edge of the City.

9.   Old
A lively Morris Dancer in Hampstead, taking a break from his performance.

10.   New
New growth, Ravenscourt Park, West London

11.   A shadow or silhouette
A silhouette of branches against the sunset over Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath in North London.

12.   Language
Bilingual English/Bengali street sign off Brick Lane, East London

13.   Music
Camden Market

14.   Autumn
So many Autumn photos this month, but this is Hampstead Heath.

An animal
Okay, I have some fluffy ones as well, but decided to opt for the bird on a sign. Found this one in St. James’s park one evening. The bird just stood there looking about, not a care in the world.

16.   A place to contemplate life
Hampstead Heath again… what can I say? It’s a good place for photos. And comtemplating life…

17.   Something that begins with the letter O
O is for “orange”, a coloured building that stands out in Covent Garden.

18.   A reflection on water
St. James’s Park

19.   An interesting perspective
D and a lonely tree in Hampstead Heath.

20. A self-portrait
Just me in my room.

The Arrival of Autumn

An invigorating Autumn chill is settling in the air – the first hint of my favourite season.

It means looking forward to an early morning caramel macchiato warming the body from the inside, to cosy sweaters, long walks in the park.

It’s a season of nostalgia, for remembering childhood leaf fights and jumping in huge piles of them, small fragments tangling in blond hair. Of pressing the pretty ones in the pages of the big yellow phone book. Of collecting fallen chestnuts from the sidewalks.

It smells of earth and the great outdoors, of cedar chests and new books.

Tastes of hot apple cider and iced doughnuts on Halloween, the all-American pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving feast.

Autumn is a season of rejuvenation. It was always the beginning of the school year, a time of learning and waking up from the lazy summer holidays.

And of course, there’s that satisfying crunch of walking over a mosaic of fallen leaves and the trees an explosion of fire-colours.