London Lenses: An Everyday View

Thanks to those of you who played along on the first London Lenses photo mission. Are you ready for the next one?

The theme for the next week is: An everyday view.

By this, I mean the view from your office window, something or someone you walk by every day or even a mundane object like your toothbrush that you (hopefully) see every day but don’t really think about.

Here’s a couple from me from last year as an example:

Roses and Bricks

Building near Portobello Road where I walked every day.

Chipped Paint 2

Chipping paint on my office building.

Central Line

And of course, the Central Line.


Step 1: Take photos of things tyou see every day
Step 2: Upload to Flickr pool
Step 3: Tag photos LLOeveryday and write in the description why it makes you smile