Photographing Plumstead Cemetery

Cemetery Road

Not far from the horses in yesterday’s entry is Cemetery Road.

Plumstead Cemetery

It leads to the entrance of Plumstead Cemetery, one I had not explored until last weekend.

In 1898

Some of the graves were ancient, from the late 1800s (though I know there are much older graves elsewhere in London… where’s the oldest cemetery you’ve been to?)

Rupert the Bear

Sadly, there were quite a few graves of children here, including a section of all babies through a little archway with Christmas decorations hanging down.

In Thought

It was a thoughtful place, but also bustling with people visiting graves, some solemn, others chatting away with their neighbours.

Early Spring?

We found a tree in full blossom, as if it were confused about the seasons, defying Winter with its signs of Spring.

Sleep with the Angels Darling

You wonder sometimes how people so young can die. This girl above was only 10…and there was a photograph of her on the headstone in all of her giggling blonde brilliance.

Forever in Our Hearts

This one had a little guard dog.

Fallen Flowers

It’s been a windy week and many flower pots (or milk and soda bottles in this case) had blown over.

Lucky Bamboo for the Afterlife

There was a Vietnamese section where people had left incense for their relatives who had passed on and stalks of bamboo for luck.

Time for Tea

A lot of families had left Christmas cards on graves, decorated little Christmas trees with ornaments or lit an “eternal” flame.

Cemetery Candle