London Rain

Bikes and Rain

When it rains in London, the skies rarely open up in a menacing storm. They droop grey and dreary over the city casting shadows over commuters. Then the water spits down in half-drops, quarter-drops, a spray, really.

Shiny Streets

Brollies pop up all over the city. Some are big black golf umbrellas that rule the pavements; others fun and funky with designs of rubber duckies and tube maps. Cracks and crevices fill with water that soaks through any cracks and crevices in your shoes.

A Walk in the Rain

Puddles form. Windshield wipers swish on passing cars. Tyres kick up a thin, dirty mist. The street lights glow and shimmer in red and green, drops float down windows like waterslides and people walk with heads down. Quickly. When it rains in London, people rush through life, hurrying on to warm restaurants and pubs, ducking into shops, drip-drip-dripping water on the squeaky floor, tracking muddy footprints through the tunnels of the underground.

English Restaurant

Sidewalks glow with reflections of surrounding lights and the rain carries on until the day turns into darkness.

Light and Rain

London Lights at Night

River Lights

Late at night, the city looks different.

Silent Night

Lights flick in and out of focus on the horizon.

Squiggly Lights

Street lamps cast an eerie glow around the silhouette of another person walking in front of you.

Thames at Night

There is stillness everywhere, except along the roads where the city moves on.

Prince Albert Bridge

Reflections, colourful long streaks, plunge into the Thames along the shore.


Faded pale backgrounds blur into spots hanging in the sky like fairy lights.

Dancing Night Lights

It is silent but for the distant music, shouts and laughter from a party boat floating by, sinking slowly under the bridge and into the night.

Christmas Lights at Night

There are no stars in this part of London, but you can at least see the bright moon.

Spider Crawling on the Moon