London Links: Qype Does London

I’m biased, I suppose, because Qype just posted my photo of Canary Wharf tube as their banner image for this week’s Qype Does London, newsletter #45.

But that aside, they are definitely an essential London link to follow. For one thing, they’re always giving things away – tickets to gigs, discounts on meals, and this week, a giraffe. (Yea. I know, I’ve always wanted one as a pet too, but the space situation in London is a bit of an issue…) 

Keep an eye on these guys for all sorts of reviews coming from of every corner London – restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs, book shops. You can find a list of anything you’re looking for in London – from a dentist to adult entertainment venues. (Maybe even a dentist who provides adult entertainment?)

Click around and you can check out all sorts of interesting bits and pieces like the “top snogging spots“, “best rooftop venues“, or “cinemas for chin-stroking art housers“. Perhaps you’ll even be this week’s lucky winner of your very own giraffe.