Photo Scavengers: October

Have a camera? Feeling creative? Need a good excuse to go for a walk? I posted a page here called Photo Scavengers Project, something I started on another blog site. Check it out and see if you want to get involved. If you do, here is the list of key words for October: (Usually these are posted at the beginning of the month.)

1.   Cosy
2.   A stranger
3.   An icon of your city
4.   Childhood
5.   Something red and green
6.   A pattern or texture
7.   Street art
8.   An image that could be a book cover
9.   Old
10.   New
11.   A shadow or silhouette
12.   Language
13.   Music
14.   Autumn
15.   An animal
16.   A place to contemplate life
17.   Something that begins with the letter O
18.   A reflection on water
19.   An interesting perspective
20.   A self-portrait