From the Dark Side of London

From the colourful creativity of the Chelsea Flower Show to the Rugged and Rustic, London has an endless range of moods. Today, some dark photography from Shando, reaching into the depths of London’s abandoned buildings.


What waits
What Waits

London is, and always has been, a city of multiple and complex personalities…

Light Over London

How about that sunshine yesterday? Let’s hope that’s a sign that those April showers have come to an end and now that it’s May, the promised flowers will be poking up their heads. (Speaking of which, any of you get your hands on coveted tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show?)

So, what do I have to share with you today…?

How about these fantastic shots from Shando? How talented is he? Parliament or St. Paul’s are probably part of the daily commute for a lot of you. These shots cast a whole different light on London. Ever see them looking this pretty?

St Pauls 50mm

Casting Shadows

Share your London shots in the Flickr pool. I’d love to see them.

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Londoners: Toyah

Shando.’s been participating in the 100 Strangers Project, something I’ve been meaning to start doing as well. Since I’m fascinated by the diversity of stories that Londoners have to tell, it’s nice to read these alongside their portraits. I love this photo he recently contributed to the Flickr pool of a woman called Toyah. Shando’s own words are posted below. They tell her story well.

23/100 Toyah

This is Toyah, an ex Royal Sigs soldier who is now homeless. I stopped for a chat after seeing her sign. Toyah has been homeless now for just over 3 weeks due to an issue with her former landlord, she told me that although she finds herself in catch 22 situation (employers are not keen to take on someone who is homless) she remains upbeat and positive that a job offer will appear, and when it does she can prove she has a lot to offer. Toyah had already been stood here for 5 hours before I arrived. Good luck Toyah, I’m have a feeling you will succeed 😉 Shando

Break Dancing in the Streets of London

There’s something magical in the way break dancers contort their bodies, throw themselves around, twisting and flipping and spinning. They’re mesmerising to watch. I had to share these two brilliant photos from Shando followed by an awesome slow motion video by Where The Art Is from the Flickr pool.

We got Moves!
Gettin Down (Oldskool style)

Do any of you lovely people know how to break dance? Wish I did but I’d probably just break myself!

Any exciting weekend plans?