Shop: Made in Mogotes

If anyone is still popping by LLO, this is a quick post and let you know I’ve started working with local artisans in the small village of Mogotes, Colombia where I’m staying to promote their crafts abroad.

They made pretty bags, jewelry and home decor from natural resources that grow in the area – fique and guadua – and all by hand.

Here’s one of the latest bags:

(It’s a little sparkly. You can see the sparkle better if you click on the image and open up a close up shot.)

If you have a sec stop by the Etsy shop and check out the other very colorful bags and lots of jewelry! (And yes, we will ship anywhere in the world.)

Stoned & Plastered

London is full of brilliant London shop names – like this one I posted the other day. Stoned & Plastered, which is round the back of Columbia Road, sells garden ornaments, not what you would assume. Not the greatest, photo, but brilliant name.

Stoned and Plastered

Favourite shop names in London or your own city, anyone?

Jimmie Martin: The Chairs!

I walk down Kensington Church Street quite often these days, so I thought I should follow up on that entry about the chairs. A few people had asked the name of the shop: Jimmie Martin. And they sell not only crazy chairs but all sorts of home stuff like wardrobes, mirrors, tables, beds. They even have candles, wallpaper and cushions.

The shop moved to its current location in 2009, but has been around in London since 2004. It’s run by Jimmie Karlsson and his partner Rick. They “provide an eclectic showcase of one-off pieces of furniture combining the decadent and quirky with the nostalgic and urban.”

They’ve done a pink stiletto chair for Kelly Osbourne, a commission table for Pete Townshend using his last smashed up guitar, bits and pieces for Kylie Minogue and Liam Gallagher.

More on the website, of course!

Shop: Jimmie Martin Ltd
Address: 77 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BG 
Phone: 44 (0)20 7938 1852