Fish & Chip Shops in London

I was chatting with a friend the other day about fish & chip in London and we realised that neither of us know of any great traditional fish & chip shops. Then this lovely photo from new contributor Gary Denness popped up in the Flickr pool.


So I thought I’d pose the question… Do you know of any worthy fish & chip shops in London? If so, where? Please share in the comments!! And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Cheers for all the views and shares lately. Much appreciated!

A Visit to Columbia Road Flower Market

Hoping it would feel a bit more like Spring, I walked down to Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday afternoon, following the opposite direction of everyone who had armfuls of flowers already. It did, at least a bit. The vendors looked like they were having a lot of fun, it was colourful, the shops along the pavement behind the flower stalls are quirky and interesting (all independent – art galleries, vintage shops, cafes, bakeries, garden shops) and, at the end of the afternoon, the flowers were going cheap – “Everythin’ a fiver!” they call out, and some are even a bunch for £1. Here’s a few photos:

This is the stall owner’s teenage son, Frankie, who is helping out his dad yelling for customers.

Didn’t get this guy’s name, but he was a good laugh. I asked if I could take his photo and he said, “Course you can, darlin” and went right on yelling about his daisies with his hands on his hips: “How dare you not stop to look at my gerberas!?” to anyone who passed.

For more info including interviews with vendors and a great list of the shops, here’s the website.

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