London Art Spot: Red Sky in the Morning

Red sky in the morning

At dawn, the sky wakes up in a blushing flurry of clouds over London. Buckaroo Kid was up early enough to capture it. Not me, unfortunately, or I may have had an interview for you today! Kidding, but I do have plenty lined up for weeks to come. I’m off to Greece for a holiday this week so I slacked off on the interview 🙂

Nightfall on the Thames

Well, what is a London blog without photos of Big Ben in all of its forms? I was walking along South Bank after a stop by the Leake Street graffiti tunnel (It went downhill, I tell you… It’s no longer a tunnel of thought-provoking street art, but a mess of tags – albeit still filled with pretty colours and the intoxicatingly enchanting smell of spraypaint…). So this lovely view from South Bank was welcome in the cold walk over to Embankment before the ride home…