A Winter Walk on Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common is my new backyard, literally across the street from my new flat and so I took advantage of a lovely day to go exploring. I swished my feet through layers of dried Autumn leaves, filling pathways, dodged the muddy puddles and took deep gulps of fresh earth-scented air. It was nice to be outdoors. It’s a vast space, full of wooded trails, bogs and ponds and a Windmill Museum. I walked for hours, passing families, joggers, people walking their dogs. It was by no means crowded but it wasn’t deserted either and people passing would give the otherwise unthinkable nod hello in the happy wooded environment. I snapped a few photos along the way.

Swan Swimming

Swan Head


Fallen Tree



Black and White Bark

Winter Woods

More from my wander another day. For now, enjoy the last day of the year and go out with a bang. Happy new year’s eve, everyone! Thanks for all of your support this year and your lovely comments that always make my day!