London Lomography: Portobello Market

I got my first roll of 120 film prints back after experimenting with my new Diana F+, a wonky white plastic camera designed to look and work like one from the 60s. I bought it from the Lomography shop on Newburgh Street that opened last September. (Great little place, by the way, and not just for camera-enthusiasts either. The walls and ceiling are completely coated in a layer of 14,000 lomographs that are well worth a look.)

It was strangely satifsying to have to go to the shop to collect prints that I had dropped off for processing the day before, to pull them, all shiny, out of their envelope and lay them out on the table. They’re big 5×5 square prints I took on a semi-cloudy day in Portobello Market – 16 to a roll.

Thing is, they’re not perfect, but that’s exactly why I love them. You pop a roll of film into this camera that looks like a toy and sometimes they come out off-centre or blurry, or completely out of focus. There’s double exposures, complete mishaps and a few surprises. And I can’t wait to take my next roll in because I bought a splitzer I’ve been using on that one and they are bound to be completely chaotic.

Here’s a few from Portobello.


Portobello Market

Belgian Waffles

I Love London

Gate Hotel

If you’ve got some London lomography of your own, add it to the Flickr pool.