Friendly Squirrels

Back home in my little New York town, the squirrels scurry up the trees the second they hear your footsteps nearby. You’d never, ever get one to climb up on your lap and sit there calmly for a photo. Not so in London parks as this friendly guy proves.


Thanks jamiefraser1 for adding this photo to the Flickr pool! 🙂

Baby Owls and a Scandalous Squirrel

In the true spirit of a London Observationist, dusty sevens snapped these baby owls in a tree in Kensington Gardens, after much neck-craning, of course.

baby owls

And while waiting for the bus, maggie jones caught this hungry little squirrel snooping in the bin.

Waiting for lunch.

With Spring in full swing and everyone out and about, if you’ve captured any London wildlife you’d like to share, post it in the pool.