Last Days of Autumn

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.  
P.D. James

The last few days have been bone-chilligly cold with those bitter winter winds sweeping through tube platforms and forcing our hands inside coat pockets as we parade through the morning rat race.

It’s hard to believe that just last week I was jumping in a huge pile of leaves that a friend and I had created in the middle of St. James’s Park, sitting there, smirks and grins, coats off, chatting as leaves floated around us. Everything shimmered in the golden glow of a late afternoon sun.

Autumn is my favourite season, so as a last nod before it sinks into memory for another year, I’ve unwrapped my hands from a hot cup of tea and decided to share a few pictures from this perfect English Autumn day.

A Park Stroll

Autumn Sun


Crispy, Golden Leaves

Which park in London is your favourite and why?
Does your favourite park change with the seasons?
How are you keeping warm today? 

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Elephants 81-90

Another round of ellies for you. Here’s numbers 81-90.

81. Marjorie by Clare Bassett; More London

82. Grey Elephant by Corneille; New Bond Street
Grey Elephant

83. Midnight Indigo by Cornelia O’Donovan; Bow Churchyard
Midnight Indigo

84. Matilda by Craig Ritchie & Maribel Castro; Museum of London Docklands

85. Sans Merci by Cynthia Bernheim; St. James’s Park
Sans Merci

Sans Merci

86. Polyphant by Daniel Chadwick; Green Park

87. The Happy End of Nature by Deniz Balabaner; Paddington Station
The Happy End of Nature

88. Ddj by Devon Alfaro; Covent Garden Piazza

89. Brambles by Diana Ralston; Queens Walk, Royal Festival Hall

90. Twiggie by Diane von Furstenberg; originally at 37 Davies Street

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

Elephant Parade 41-50

Happy Friday! Here’s another batch of elephants to kick off the weekend.

41. Travels on my Elephant by Elephant Family; Notting Hill Gate
Travels on my Elephant

42. Lahu Girl by Yodsaran Chaidungkaew; St. James’s Park
Lahu Girl

43. Sherlock Holmes by Turdsak Piromkraipak; Baker Street
Sherlock Holmes

44. Fish & Chips by Thammakit Thamboon; Green Park
Fish & Chips

45. New Map of London by Nongklan Ponningmas; Originally at More London
New Map of London

46. Bobby by Thammakit Thamboon; Hyde Park – Speaker’s Corner

47. Tea Roses by Narongrit Asokwattana; More London
Tea Roses

48. Decors by Pimprapa Dundej; More London

49. Ferrous by Michael Howells; originally at The Royal Opera House


50. Heaven’s Haathi by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla; Selfridges
Heaven's Haathi

Faves from this batch, anyone? I’m going to go with Ferrous.

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

Listen to a Londoner: Charikleia Karagiorgou

Listen to a Londoner is a weekly interview post with people who live (or have lived for a while) in London. If you fit the bill and want to be interviewed, give me a shout at Always looking for new volunteers. 

Charikleia Karagiorgou, 25

Lia thinks that living in London can be either a blessing or a nightmare. For her, it’s been a great experience so far, giving her the chance to meet people of various backgrounds and therefore expand her horizons.

LLO: How long have you lived in London?
I have been living in London since September 2008.

LLO: Where are you from originally if not London?
I am from Karditsa (it means ‘heart’) and it is located in Central Greece.

LLO: Best thing about London?
The fashion and the gigs.

LLO: Worst thing about London?
The tube when it’s packed because I run out of oxygen and space!

LLO: North, south, east or west?
North cause I live there.

LLO: Best restaurant?

LLO: Best shop?
Beyond Retro, close to Carnaby Street.

LLO: Best place to escape the city?
It is IN the city-St. James’ Park

LLO: 2012 Olympics – stay or go?
Would like to stay and be a volunteer, or better  – a reporter.

LLO: How do you spend your time on the tube?
Noticing peoples’ outfits! 

LLO: Best place to catch a gig?
The Brixton Academy

LLO: Best local band?
 The Stayaways! ;D

LLO: Favourite book, song or film about London?
London Calling – The Clash

LLO: Best place to spend a Sunday afternoon?
 Having a cup of coffee at the Somerset House.

LLO: Best museum or gallery?
 The Tate

LLO: Favourite market?

LLO: Best London magazine, newspaper or website?
 Stylist, Shortlist and The Guardian

LLO: If you were to dress up as one of the tube station names for a costume party, which would you be?
 Liverpool Street – My favourite English team.

LLO: Best time of year in London?
Whenever it’s sunny!

LLO: First place to take a visitor?
A long walk along the river.

LLO: Favourite place to be on a Saturday night?

LLO: Best and worst things about tourists?
Good for the economy, bad for the tube (too much noise, too crowded!)

LLO: Boris is…
…still the Mayor

LLO: What would you change about the city if you had the power to do so?
 I would bring some sun from Greece!

Thanks Lia!

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