The Benches of St Paul’s Churchyard

I took a walk through the churchyard of St. Paul’s in Covent Garden. There’s a pathway lined with memorial benches. I picked out a few I liked:

So Often There Was Laughter

Now Dancing on the Stars


I’ll be doing a Listen to a Londoner post – the last one before I leave London – next Saturday, so I invite you to throw questions at me to answer through this week. I’ll pick 10 of the best for Saturday. Leave them in the comments or email me at

Elephants 201-210

Happy hefalump Friday everyone 🙂

201. The Elephant Outside the Room by Pochoir; St. Paul’s Churchyard
The Elephant Outside the Room

202. Dazzlephant by Pochoir; Green Park


203. Grayson by Polly Hope; St. James’ Park

204. Elhi by HRH Prince Michael of Kent; Park Lane

205. Sir Percy by HRH Prince Michael of Kent; Park Lane
Sir Percy

206. Mr Bojangles by Princess Pea; Cavendish Square
Mr. Bojangles

207. Untitled by Rana Begum; Berkeley Square

208.Kingdom by Rebecca Campbell; Sloane Square

209. Harmony by Rebecca Campbell; Green Park

210. Harapan by Rebecca Sutherland; Green Park

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!