Seagull Silhouettes and a Sunset

Something about this shot (even though it’s a sunset, not a sunrise) – the light and the glow on the water, the silhouettes, the spiky details on top of Parliament and the movement of the birds – just feels like Sunday morning to me – lazy, free, relaxing.


It was taken by a new contributor to the Flickr pool – Rodwey2004. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone – a day of peace before the madness of Monday begins! If you’re out and about at St. Paddy’s festivities in Green Park – Trafalgar Square today, add your photos to the Flickr pool. I’d love to see them.

A big welcome to Rodwey and thanks for sharing!

Photo of the Day on Londonist: A Bird, A Plane…

One of my photos was Photo of the Day on 8th January over on Londonist. Woohoo! It was taken down near Tate Modern, part of a wall around a construction site. They’re asking for captions if you have any suggestions…

Another one was featured on the same site yesterday for their weekend round-up entry:

This was taken in Ealing Broadway. The sun rises through the barbed wire every morning.