Senses for September

I copied this idea from a friend’s blog on Open Diary. On 9.9.09, she listed her nine favourites in each senses category. It’s not 9.9.09 anymore, but I thought it would fit in with “the little things” that this blog is meant to be about so here are a few of my favourites:
1. Warmth of a mug of tea in cupped hands
2. Cat’s fur
3. K’s hair
4. Opening the cover of a new book
5. Bare feet in warm sand
6. Rose petals
7. Lips brushing lips
8. Soft electric blanket
9. Mud at a music festival
1. Earth when the rain begins
2. Fresh Autumn air
3. Spiced apple camomile tea
4. Hot Jello before it sets
5. Bonfires on summer nights
6. The salt of the ocean
7. Cedar chests
8.  Used bookshops
9. Lilacs
1. Whispers in darkness
2. Silence
3. Smashing Pumpkins
4. Rain pattering against windows at night
5. Mingled languages in London
6. Cats purring
7. A boiling kettle
8. Deep, engaging conversations
9. Laughter
1. Hot fudge brownies with ice cream
2. Street food eaten from silver tins in markets
3. Honey lemon tea
4. A perfect cup of English Breakfast tea
5. Halloumi cheese
6. Mom’s homemade chicken soup
7. Dad’s scrambled eggs with ham and cheese
8. K’s kitchen experiments
9. Something I’ve never tried before
1. Landscapes passing by train windows
2. A blank page
3. Snow lying on bare branches
4. Autumn-coloured leaves
5. Close-up portraits
6. Bright colours of saris and wall hangings
7. Photography of people from around the world
8. My by-line in a newspaper or magazine
9. Johnny Depp as a pirate