Elephants 111-120

Another dose of Elephant Parade for Thursday morning. Here’s numbers 111-120.

111. Mother Nature by Hannes D’haese; The Hempel

112. Tara by Mark Shand; Hyde Park – Speaker’s Corner

113. Monopoly Community Chest by Hasbro & Invited Artists; Hamleys Toy Store
Monopoly Community Chest

114. Zambi by Donna Goes; Hamleys Toy Store
Project Zambi

115. Eco the Elephant by Haverstock School & Olswang LLP; originally in High Holborn
Eco the Elephant

Eco the Elephant

116. Hornbill by Helen Cowcher; More London

117. Untitled by India Jane Birley; Queens Walk – Hungerford Bridge


118. Candy by Isaac Mizrahi; Carnaby Street/Marlborough Street

119. Oli by Issa; South Molton Street


120. The Singing Butler Rides Again by Jack Vettriano; Burlington Arcade
The Singing Butler Rides Again

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

Elephant Parade 31-40

Ah, Tuesday… Not quite quite Monday but a loooong way to the weekend. Cheer up with some happy ellies. Here’s 31-40.

31. The Swan by Peera Bangkae; Hyde Park – Dell Gardens
The Swan

32. Little Bird by Peera Bangkae; Mount Street
Little Bird

33. Ganesh by Nut Thamrongpittayanan; originally at India Place

34. Little Moo by Turdsak Piromkraipak; Cavendish Square
Little Moo

35. Bouquet by Potcharat Utamang; Paddington Street Gardens

36. Chestnut by Thammakit Thamboon; The Hempel

37. Woodland by Nartkanok Laomata; Cavendish Square

38. Old Map of London by Pannu Kritaramrueng; Originally in Orange Square
Old Map of London

39. Ladybird by Peera Bangkae; Hyde Park – Dell Gardens

40. Simply Yellow by Thammakit Thamboon; More London
Simply Yellow

Favourites on this page? I’ll have to go with Woodland which is one of my favourites overall (though it’s impossible to choose just one!).

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!