Shot From the 149 Bus

The 149 bus goes back and forth from Edmonton Green to London Bridge passing through Tottenham, Dalston, Liverpool Street. The Polstar was riding along on Wednesday pointing her camera down from the top deck at the scenes below. These are the results:



98p store

98p store


Camera: iPhone Hipstamatic 236
Lens: Lucas AB2
Flim: DC

London Lenses: Something to Smile About – The Winners

Life got a bit hectic between the time I posted the first London Lenses photo challenge and now (i.e. – my sudden shift of countries, lack of job and everything in between)…. So, apologies for the delay in sharing the top three “Something that makes you smile” photos that were added to the Flickr pool. Here they are now, in no particular order!


1.) The first one makes The Polstar smile. It’s called “Waiting for my train to leave” and it comes with a little story which I will share below.

Taken from the window of the 7:18am from Liverpool Street Station to White Hart Lane.

Liverpool Station is dear to my heart even though I travel through it every day now. I grew up in Suffolk, Ipswich to be precise, and a train journey to London ended at Liverpool Street Station. I remember coming here as a child and it was dirty, confusing and dark. When I reached my teens I would come here and it signaled the start of a fun night out – knowing that I would be meeting up with friends to go to a gig, or a club or both.

Now, although it is ‘tainted’ by being the station I head towards work from, I still like Liverpool Street Station. It’s an interesting place to people watch as it’s in the heart of The City but it’s also the station to catch the boat train to Harwich from and the Stanstead Express – so you always get holiday makers there.

Because it’s in the heart of the City you also get LOADS of freebies. People are always promoting new products there!

2.) The next one comes from ThisisDanielle, a bright and colourful photograph of something that makes me smile as well – an artist at work. It’s called “Live Street Ar on Portobello”.

Artist at Portobello Market in London – I love stumbling upon artists doing their thing and making the city vibrant & beautiful!


3.) And last but not least, we have a street musician giving the people of London his music. This one was shot by trailerfullofpix, simply titled “Accordion”.

A sunny Sunday and a great street band at Columbia Road Flower Market. Dakota Jim on the accordion.


So thanks very much to those of you who participated. These things make me smile too!

I shall throw another photo challenge your way shortly….