London Art Spot: Iris Jones Vs The Great Mundane

This week, there’s no ordinary London Art Spot post (partly because I’ve been incredibly busy, and partly because I wanted to update you on what one of the fabulous past interviewees has been up to!)

This is Christina Owen:
Christina 15

You may remember her London Art Spot interview from a while ago. If not, go have a look. She’s a talented photographer, can give a great comedy routine and, like the heart of LLO, she’s always got her eyes on the little things.

If you love the photography and interviews posted here, head over to Christina’s new blog: Iris Jones Vs. The Great Mundane where she explores the concept of the “UNdane”. She gave me the honour of being one of the first people featured on The UNdane Interview and a shout-out to LLO.

Keep an eye on her. She’s up to great things.