Londoners: Camera Man

Early morning in Spitalfields Market and camera man has fallen asleep. I walked by once and he was nodding off. When I walked by a second time, he was conked out. Couldn’t resist snapping a photo. Must have been a late night. 

Tried... or Tired?

Notice his shirt says “tried”… should probably be “tired” instead!!

Roasted Nuts

It’s always the sugary scent that drags me in to the roasted nuts sold on London’s more tourist-y streets. This guy saw my camera pointed toward Millennium Bridge to his left and waved me over to take his photo instead. I gladly complied. You can grab a cup of roasted nuts to munch on while you walk down South Bank from here or down the river on Westminster Bridge or probably somewhere in between. (If you want a completely different street-food-in-a-cup experience, head down to Southall for corn in a cup, sold outside every other building on the high street – or so it seems.)