London Art Spot: Stik Interview (Part 1)

Stik strolled into the trendy Pitfield cafe down the street from his studio to meet me yesterday afternoon in his very paint-splattered clothes, but no mysterious hat or sunglasses covering his face. We ordered Earl Grey tea (his with soya) and he asked for a powdered croissant. I waited while he chatted with his PR team and another journalist who wanted to set up an interview, Stik making notes in his already-full black diary.

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London’s Snow Day

If you haven’t been stranded due to cancelled flights or stuck in the slow-moving traffic, you were probably enjoying the pretty snow falling over London on Saturday like me! Here’s a few photos from a little walk from Earl’s Court to Sloane Square…

I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Frozen Branches 2

Snow-Covered Branches

Christmas Market Eggs

Christmas Market Jam

Walking in the Winter Wonderland

A Walk in the Sun

My plane flew into Heathrow yesterday morning after a warm week in Greece – wearing short sleeves, walking along the pretty blue seafront with mountains stretching out behind us, eating tender goat meat and olives outside of a restaurant at night with no coat. You can imagine the chills running down my spine when I stepped outside in the London winter. Snow even! So to keep my head in the sun for one more day, here’s a photo captured by Ian Brumpton – a walk in the little London sun.

A Walk in the Sun