Rainy Romance and Winter Wildlife

Climb to the top of Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath and you’ll see a stunning view of the city.

London Skyline

But the best part is, that if you turn around and look the other way without moving at all, you’ll be in a different world, a green and peaceful place.

Autumn on Hampstead Heath

Turn to the side and you look down on what appears to be a happy little village.


Even in the rain, the Heath is lovely. This couple, with a typical English mindset, refuses to let the blustery rain spoil their romance.

Rainy Romance

It’s a place to gather your thoughts, to contemplate life, to take a few strong gulps of fresh air before heading back into bus fumes and Kebab shop smells of the city.

Parliament Hill

In a city of 8 or so million bodies pressing into small spaces and fighting for air, it’s unusual to catch one person alone and nothing but emptiness and a few trees and the greatness of a vast and open sky.

One Man Walking

This little guy was there to have a rest as well. He just stood still, watching. Waiting for something. Or nothing.


If you stroll down the hill back through the Heath, there are some lovely scenes and wildlife to take in.


Pond Life

Resting Duck

I stared at this bridge for a long time. You can not walk over it, but watch the ducks swim underneath leaving quiet ripples in their wake.

Black and White Bridge

Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

Sometimes I hop on a random bus to somewhere in London I haven’t yet explored. Last weekend, I headed toward East Dulwich and Brockley but got distracted by Greenwich Millennium Village. Thought I’d step off the bus and take a few colouful photos of the urban landscape that looked a bit like someone peeled the stickers off a rubix cube and stuck them at random on the housing estates.

Then I started to explore a bit and found the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park, a quiet little slice of nature that runs along these buildings to the Thames Path. Canals, wildlife and pretty trees that will probably blossom nicely in a month or two. Naturally I took a few photos…

Address: The Ecology Park Gatehouse, Thames Path, John Harrison Way, Greenwich Peninsular, London, SE10 0QZ