14 Photographs of Wet London

Wet and London have a pretty stereotypical relationship, at least when it comes to rain. Here’s some of the beautiful and some of the not so picturesque areas of the city – wet because of rain or otherwise…

AmbiencePhoto: Ambience by Martin Turner

gascoyne road e9, gutter, yellow lines, leaves, 2012-11-04, 13-23-07
Photo: Gascoyne Road, E9 by tributory

bus queue
Photo: Bus queue by Where The Art Is

Hand Car Wash
Photo: Hand Car Wash by Andy Worthington

One Canada Square
Photo: One Canada Square by Gary Kinsman 

Millenium Mills
Photo: Spillers Millennium Mills near Royal Victoria Docks by Fred255

Photo: East London by Alex Ellison

London wakes up: the Thames in Greenwich
Photo: The Thames in Greenwich at 7:57am by Andy Worthington

New River
Photo: New River by Dave McGowan

London Nights SOOC
Photo: London Nights by Me.Two

Reflection From The Surrey Side
Photo: Reflection of Pimlico from the Surrey Side by Dave McGowan

bus stop
Photo: Bus Stop by Where The Art Is

The Beauty of the Victoria and Albert Museum
Photo: The beauty of the Victoria & Albert Museum by Karva Javi

James, Bert and Mark Prior
Photo: James, Bert and Mark Prior (three of the seven boats owned by J.J. Prior Ltd., a company established in 1870) by Andy Worthington

Fingers crossed it stays dry this week (unless we get to have some snow!)

An Hour in Brompton Cemetery

My seemingly endless search for a new flat has finally ended. I’ll be living near my favourite London cemetery, so here’s a few pics to celebrate the end (of my flat hunting…)!

For some more Brompton Cemetery pics, I also posted some in September…

Share your own cemetery pics in the Flickr pool and I’ll compile a post of them when there’s enough…