Elephants 171-180

Today is an elephant day. Here’s 171-180. Choose your fave! If you could paint your own elephant, what would it look like?

171. Jarlo by Marty Thornton; Victoria Tower Gardens

172. Luna by M McCann, J Scott & N Colyer; Westfield

173. The Paul Smith Elephant by Sir Paul Smith; The Royal Exchange
The Paul Smith Elephant

174. Baarsfant no2 by Menno Baars; Green Park
BaarsFant no2

175. R by Gavin Tuck; New Burlington Place

176. No More Plundering by Milo Tchais; Potters Field Park
No More Plundering

177. Utopia by Mitch Freeman; Queens Walk, Hungerford Bridge

178. Naveen by John Stefanidis; Notting Hill Gate

179. 21st Century Ganesh by Mythili Thevendrampillai; originally at India Place (I interviewed Mythili for a London Art Spot post last February.)
21st Century Ganesh

180. Boogie Woo by Nandita Chaudhuri; Soho Square
Boogie Woo

Boogie Woo

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Elephants 91-100

Mid-week ellie fix. Here’s numbers 91-100.

91. Cupcake by Dick Roberts; Regent Place

92. Tigerphant by Dominique Salm; originally in Newport Court

93. Tango by Tang; The Dorchester

94. Charmed by Eitan Portnoy; originally at The Royal Opera House

95. Elephas Maximus by Elizabeth Knott; More London
Elephas Maximus

96. Dandi-phant by Ellen Anderson; St. Pancras International

97. Saffron by Ellen Stewart; Westfield

98. Seymour by Emma Elizabeth Kemp; Natural History Museum

99. Buddy by Emma Elizabeth Kemp; Hans Crescent

100. Carry on up the Khyber by Emma Sergant; More London
Carry on up the Khyber

Carry on up the Khyber

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Elephant Parade 51-60

Ready for the next batch of elephants? Yea, thought so. Here’s numbers 51-60.

Which one is your favourite from these lovlies?

51. Oran (You Stole My Heart) by Adam Bridgland; Notting Hill Gate (See my interview with Adam.)


52. Clair le Lune by Adam Durrance; Greenwich Visitors Centre
Clair le Lune

53. Nana by Alexander Miller; Curzon Street

54. Eli Krishma by Alice Temperley; 20 Mount Street
Eli Krishma

55. Cubelephant by Andre Ritins; More London

56. love ellie by Andrew Logan; Westfield
love ellie

57. HELP! by Angela connor; Royal Hospital Chelsea

58. Sunny by Ruth Powys; Covent Garden Piazza

59. The Elephant in the Room by Anna Masters; Duke of York Square
The Elephant in the Room

60. Map Elephant by Anna Simmons; Devonshire Square
Map elephant

My fave from this group? HELP! is lovely, but I also adore Oran because I walked by him every day on my way to work and he always brightened up my day before I arrived at the dreaded office.

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

Listen to a Londoner: Janine Clements

Listen to a Londoner is a weekly interview with a Londoner – someone who lives in this city, born here or elsewhere. If you want to be interviewed, email littlelondonobservationist@hotmail.co.uk. Always looking for new volunteers.

Janine Clements, 37

Janine Clements is a freelance journalist, travel expert and mummy blogger who has been living in London for 12 years. She has lived in Holloway, Maida Vale, Westminster and now Fulham, where she has lived for four years with her husband and 2-year-old daughter.    

LLO: Living in London for 12 years, what are the best and worst changes you’ve seen in the city?
 The increase in gun and knife crime and scary dogs, but better transport facilities and better shopping with the arrival of Westfield. All the attractions have definitely become much better at catering for young children.    

LLO: Top three favourite things about living in Fulham?
Lots to do for children (e.g. Fulham Palace, Coffee and Crayons, Gambados, various parks). It’s got great pubs such as The White Horse and The Sands End. There are lots of families around so there is a real community feel.    

LLO: Tell us a bit about your blog http://21stcenturymummy.com.
My inspiration from my blog came from the fact I love writing. I decided to set up a blog that was an account of my take on life as a modern-day mum, as my daughter, who is two, grows up (and I grow older!). I also wanted to help other mums by providing useful information, advice and opinions, reviews and an insight into parenthood for other people to read. My blog covers everything from news and reviews of the latest products to family travel.  

LLO: Do you think London is a child-friendly city and why (or if not, what would make it more so)?
London is an exciting and vibrant city, and yes, I think most parts are very child-friendly, there’s so much to do for all age groups.  

LLO: If I had one day in London and wanted to explore the bits that don’t show up in the guidebooks, where would you recommend?
The parks are all fabulous. I love Holland Park, St. James Park and Kensington Palace Gardens. Battersea Park Zoo is fun for younger kids.

LLO: As a travel enthusiast, have you found a place in London you can go to feel like you’ve travelled without actually having left the city?
I’ve always been a big fan of Little Venice and its waterways and canal boats. It is so peaceful and very different from inner London. Or further out is Richmond Park, acres upon acres of parkland and loads of deer. 

LLO: What’s your favourite kid-friendly restaurant in London and another one you love when you’ve got a child-free night out?
Konnigans in Wandsworth is great for brunch. It’s got a relaxed atmosphere, good food and great kid’s menu. For the two of us it would be Tsunami, a fabulous Japanese restaurant. There’s one near Tottenham Court Road and another in Clapham.

LLO: Do you have any advice for travelling mums about to pop over to London for a week with the kids?
There are so many things for kids. Popular things to do include Buckingham Palace, the London Aquarium, and the Science Museum. Depending on the age of your kids, a West End show is a great idea. Hamleys or the toy shop at Harrods is also fun. When it’s sunny, the parks are fabulous too.

LLO: Favourite London discovery or a place you’ve heard is really cool but haven’t had a chance to check it out yet?
I’ve heard the Victoria and Albert Museum is great for kids, but I haven’t been yet.

LLO: Describe your perfect Spring Saturday in London.
Head outdoors if it’s sunny, so my 2-year-old can run around and burn off some energy. Somewhere like Fulham Palace or Cannzaro House (in Wimbledon) or Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. Each has a nice cafe to grab lunch at too.

Thanks Janine!

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Listen to a Londoner: Sudakshina Mukherjee

Listen to a Londoner. This is a weekly post where people who live (or have lived for a while) in London answer a few questions about the Big Smoke. If you fit the bill and want to be interviewed, give me a shout at littlelondonobservationist@hotmail.co.uk. Always looking for new victims volunteers….

Sudakshina Mukherjee, 26

Sudakshina was born and raised in Hounslow, West London, till the age of 12 and she then moved to Kolkata, India, for further schooling. She then came back to London and graduated with a BA (2:1) Hons in New Media Journalism with Film & TV Studies from Thames Valley University, in 2005.

Since then, she has worked in several jobs in the print and online media, finance and education sectors.

 In her spare time she writes for various publications and manages her website- www.journalismwithsudakshina.com.

LLO: How long have you lived in London?
SM: Pretty much most of my life, aside from my high school years.

LLO: Where are you (or your family) from originally if not London?
I was born here, but my parents are originally from Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

LLO: Best thing about London?
It’s so cosmopolitan and the fact that there are branches of shops and banks in almost every town, which is very convenient!

LLO: Worst thing about London?
The mismanagement of overcrowding.

LLO: North, south, east or west?
Well, I’m a Hounslow girl, so west London is my cosy home, but I also love central London, obviously!

LLO: Best shop?
Westfield Shopping Centre. It’s done wonders to London’s brand image, I feel.

LLO: 2012 Olympics – stay or go?
Stay! It’s a big deal and it’ll work out to be good for us!

LLO: How do you spend your time on the tube?
Bopping along to my iPod and reading the free newspapers.

LLO: Best London magazine, newspaper or website?
London Lite. I miss it very much and sad it had to close down.

LLO: Best time of year in London?
Spring time. We all start smiling broadly and the weather does make us feel good, even if life isn’t going that well.

LLO: Boris is……
Funny. I really considered sending him a comb for his messy hair this Christmas. He has his heart in the right place, but sometimes makes a boo-boo and goes all weird.

Thanks Sudakshina!

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