Ben Wilson’s Chewing Gum Art in Piccadilly

Following last week’s the Freshly Pressed entry about Ben Wilson’s chewing gum art, I wanted to share this short video with you from Where The Art Is. There are three pieces of chewing gum art near the Royal Academy in Piccadilly.

They can be seen, along with their exact locations, in this video:

And of course since Where The Art Is always knows where.. (well, you get it)… here’s a few more spotted back in 2009 and a photo of Ben at work.

Painting on discarded chewing gum by Ben Wilson

Painting on discarded chewing gum by Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson at work in Piccadilly near entrance to Royal Academy

Also, on the subject of Ben’s work, if you commented on the last entry and missed yesterday’s comment from Garry Hunter, the curator of the exhibition that sparked the entry, I’ll re-post it below here as it may be of interest to a lot of you:

Thank you for all of your comments, which I will pass onto Ben as he does not ‘do online.’ This gum art trail is the first in a series of artist residencies funded by Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust where artists look at environmental issues use waste products and eco themes specific to the site to create new work. As a curator I have worked with Ben on a number of projects, two of which can be seen here – –– those pieces are still in Fitzrovia, London W1 and one was done for the community arts group that I run, founded in 2007 to document the demolition of a 250 year old public hospital, The Middlesex.,0_

– if visiting the area use the tower as a beacon to locate Ben’s gum work on Maple Street, Charlotte St, Mortimer/Wells St, Tottenham St etc

The gum art is meant to be permanent and is impossible to remove from the pavement without damaging it – people do try but Ben returns to previous pieces and repairs missing corners. Generally they are pretty hard wearing.

Break Dancing in the Streets of London

There’s something magical in the way break dancers contort their bodies, throw themselves around, twisting and flipping and spinning. They’re mesmerising to watch. I had to share these two brilliant photos from Shando followed by an awesome slow motion video by Where The Art Is from the Flickr pool.

We got Moves!
Gettin Down (Oldskool style)

Do any of you lovely people know how to break dance? Wish I did but I’d probably just break myself!

Any exciting weekend plans?

The Little London Entrepreneur

Happy Friday everyone. What are you up to this weekend? Anything productive? This girl probably is. She’ll likely be standing near Columbia Road with her trays of homemade mini cupcakes like she is in this photo that Where The Art Is captured last weekend.

Youthful enterprise in Columbia Road

Believe it or not, this little entrepreneur has possibly been at it for years now. We saw a girl back in 2010 doing the same thing– could be her unless it’s just a big coincidence!

Finished Ice Sculptures

Bonus entry today! I just thought I’d share a few photos of the finished (or at least very near finished) ice sculpture pieces from the London Ice Sculpting Festival I wrote about last weekend. Where The Art Is managed to share a few photos in the Flickr pool. So if you didn’t manage to make it over to Canary Wharf for the real thing, here you are:

Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf, London

Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf, London

Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf, London

Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf, London

Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf, London

Ice Sculpting Festival, Canary Wharf, London

Impressive, no?