A Small World Afterall

Back in September, I took a Saturday stroll through Portobello Market and came across a man wearing posters, campaigning for animal rights. I wrote a post about the little amusing thing that happened when I walked by. The gentleman who I wrote about found my blog at random two months later and commented on that same post, “I am the man who wears the posters. I came across your lovely remarks by accident…. etc.”

I asked him if he would like to write a guest post on my blog about his experiences campaigning around Portobello for the last two years, but he declined, saying it wouldn’t be particularly interesting. Instead, he sent me a photo of himself in action at Portobello Market.

I love how, in a city of 7 million, it is still possible to connect with strangers.

Who Cares?

Today, I walked through Portobello Market.

A man was standing silently, completely still, in the middle of the road, the crowds splitting around him like oil and water. Over his back and chest, he wore a sign with graphic pictures of animal abuse and in big letters, it said, “Who cares?”

As I was walking past, an American woman turned back at him and smiled.

She said, “I care.”