Londoners: Walking to Work

It was early morning and I was wandering around Liverpool Street, Devonshire Square and the little alleyways in between. I loved the position of this man walking to work in his suit with the graffiti in the background.

Around the Corner to Cock Hill

Around the corner from this pretty wall is the dingy Cock Hill with this lovely flourescent green message “Please DON’T PISS on our door”. At least they asked nicely, I guess.

Please Don't Piss on Our Door

Happy Monday everyone!

Londoners: The World’s Most Boring Job

That’s the title of this pic that maggie jones. added to the Flickr pool. It was taken on Denman Street in Piccadilly Circus. Pretty boring, I’d say, especially if it’s an 8-hour gig.

The world's most boring job.

I think title of “Most Boring Job” in London could also be handed to the people who scrape chewing gum off of pavements, debt collectors or call centre employees.

Most boring  job in London… What do you think?