American expat groups in London

An easy way to make new friends and find people in similar situations is to go to a few expat meet up events. These groups also bring the comforts of home in organising those little things like Thanksgiving dinners or Fourth of July celebrations.

The London Expat American Meet Up Group – These guys have been organising  expat meet ups since 2002. They take into account all interests from sports, politics, drinking and art to a 9/11 meet up and all the essential American holidays. Sometimes a few people attend, sometimes a few hundred.

American Expats in London (Facebook) – 1,800+ members here to share stories, arrange meet-ups and start interesting discussions like where to find NHL games in London pubs, SuperBowl parties and the best Mexican food in the city.

One comment on “American expat groups in London

  1. Hi my name is Oliver Adams and i work for a production company in london called Fulwell 73. I am writing in concern to a film test screening that my company is doing. The film is about Bo Gritz who should be an all American Hero, the man upon whom Rambo and Colonel Kurtz from “Apocalypse Now” were based. The most decorated Green Beret from the Vietnam era, he served his country with loyalty and valour, killing over 400 men in the process and gaining national fame through his exploits. Today, he lives in a trailer in Sandy Valley Nevada, discredited, unable to sleep at night and estranged from his children.

    Where did it all go wrong?

    In this fascinating film, we will journey with Bo back through his life, the missions, the adventures, the incredible highs and the traumatic lows. We will see if one last mission, to save one young boys life, is enough to save his own and experience the much sought after peace he so desperately craves.

    The screening will take place at the Belsize Park Everyman, located on Haverstock Hill, opposite Belsize Park tube station. The screening will start at 11:30am on Sunday the 28th November and all attendees are requested to be in their seats by 11:15am.

    If this sounds like something you and your members would be interested in it would be grately appreciated if you would email me back at my email with any names of people who would like to come and also i can send you an invite that you can send around to your members.

    Thank you
    Oliver Adams.

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