London Art Spot

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A look at some fabulous artists living in London. If you know someone you’d like to see interviewed, get in touch –

(Also, along these lines, check out the photos from London’s 2010 elephant parade.)

Nigel Tufnell – Photographer
Femme Fierce – Group interview with artists, curator and film-maker

Orban Wallace – Filmmaker

Hunto – Street Artist

Martin Usborne – Photographer

John Dolan – Illustrator

Lis Watkins – Illustrator

Ben Wilson – Chewing Gum Artist (Part 2)

Ben Wilson – Chewing Gum Artist (Part 1)

Clementine Lovell – Pop Up Opera Performer

Marie-Louise Agius – Garden Designer

David Gardener – Travel Photographer

Lucy McDonald – Illustrator and Creator of Papercrafts

Pete Zelewski – Street Photographer

D7606 – Street Artist

Jon Campenni – Street Photographer

David Breuer-Weil – Painter / Sculptor

Paul “DON” Smith – Street Artist

Sanja Hurem – Photographer

Penelope Koliopoulou – Photographer / Photoshop Artist

The Two Emilys – Feminist Art Collective

Xuesong Liao – Street Photographer

Alex Ellison – Street Art Photographer

Steve Wheen – Guerrilla Pothole Gardener

Darren MacPherson – Painter
Stik – Street Artist (Part 3)

Stik – Street Artist (Part 2)

Stik – Street Artist (Part 1)

Jorge Rodríguez-Martín – Garden Designer

Justin Sneddon – Photographer

Keshia Watson – Actress

Linda Wisdom – Photographer

Sophia Fox – Creator of Happiness Switches

Faron Kee – Photographer

Craig Taylor – Author

Healther Conway – Photographer

John Kortland – Street Photographer

David – Graffiti Artist

Cosmo Sarson – Painter

Christina Workman – Lingerie Designer

Charlene Lam – Artisan

Patricia Vidal Delgado – Film-Maker
Suelan Allison-Modrzejewski – Erotic Photographer

Orly Orbach – Illustrator

Ji Seon Kim – Painter

David Walker – Spraypaint Artist

Good Wives and Warriors – Painters/Muralists

Karishma Shahani – Fashion Designer

Hugh O’Malley – Fashion Photographer

Rachel Gadsden – Painter
Roberto McCormick – Fashion Photographer

Perry Sullivan – Painter
Carole Evans – Photographer
David Stevenson – Illustrator
Maximiliano Braun – Photographer

Tomasz Kulbowski – Photographer

Ruweyda Dool – Fashion Designer
Marcus Riccoboni – Photographer
Abigail Box – Painter
David A Smith – Sculptor
Martin Hoare – Illustrator
Agata Bartoszcze – Photographer
Ahmet Barut – Graphic Designer
Guy Keown & Luke Smith – Comedy Writers
Sandy Andy – Sand Sculptor
Maggie Jones – Photographer
Hartwig Braun – Illustrator

Fabienne Henry – Photographer
Alisa Bieniek – Fashion Designer
Danielle Dewitt – Painter and Illustrator
Eliana Dimitrakopoulou – Fashion Designer
Cordelia Donohoe – Photographer
Emli Bendixen – Photographer
Alicia Clarke – Photographer
Tom Blackford – Graffiti Artist, Painter & Muralist
Mythili Thevendrampillai – Painter
Julia Francis – Make up Artist & Pregnant Body Painter
Bernadette Fricker – Artisan
Julie Kertesz – Photographer
Annie Bootiman – Photographer
Gill Apple – Tattoo Artist
Christina Owen – Photographer
Part2ism – Graffiti Artist
Kathy Archbold – Photographer
Przemek Wajerowicz – Photographer
Denzel Wauchope – Illustrator
The Stayaways – Band
Stik – Graffiti Artist
Jacqueline K Crofton – Painter
Julie Bennett – Painter
Laura Jade – Photographer

5 comments on “London Art Spot

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  2. I would Like to flag up a charity art exhibition, in aid of the Hannah Meredith Foundation a drugs related charity. As a direct response to the sad Loss of Amy Winehouse, Guy Portelli and David Begbie have invited artist who are inspired by music and musicians that paint, to exhibit and raise money for this worth while cause.HELP at Gallery Different, London. 9th- 18th November.

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