Burritos Have Rights at Daddy Donkey

A new “kick ass” Mexican grill called Daddy Donkey has popped up over near Brick Lane. (The word “burrito” means “little donkey” in Spanish.) I walked by last weekend to a bit of a fiesta with song and playful protest for the rights of burritos going on. Apparently there are a few other burrito-mobiles around, but this one is the biggest.

Daddy Donkey

Burritos Have Rights

Burrito Protest

Legalise Burrito

Anyone try it out yet?

One comment on “Burritos Have Rights at Daddy Donkey

  1. Ooh…now I didn’t know there was one near Brick Lane, will have to hunt it down! We’ve got a mobile near my work (Leather Lane), and they are, indeed, kick ass. They are also HUMUNGOUS, be warned. 2 mealsworth, for definite.

    Just stumbled on you – loving the blog, thanks!

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