The London Egg Hunt 2012

I’m still a bit exhausted from finding 258 artistic elephants around London in 2010, so I’m skipping out on this year’s giant Easter egg hunt.

Fabienne isn’t though. She contributed photos of four of them to the Flickr pool which I’m sharing with you below. There’s 209 eggs around and maps available to find them or there’s a serious cheat sheet here. They’re all very central anyway.

There’s something a bit wrong about a furry egg, but I think of the four that Fabienne found here, that one is my favourite!
What’s yours?

the big egg hunt

the big egg hunt

the big egg hunt

the big egg hunt London

If you find any eggs, add them to the Flickr pool and if I haven’t posted those ones on the blog yet, I will.

I may play along again in June when the decorated telephone boxes are in place.

PS – I interviewed Fabienne back around the time of the elephants. It’s here if you missed it.

10 comments on “The London Egg Hunt 2012

  1. 209?! Wow, that’s a lot of eggs. Have spotted a fair few already around Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. There’s a pretty, ornate feathery one behind the National Portrait Gallery which I think is my favourite so far….

  2. Decorated telephone boxes?! Good grief things just get ever more exciting!! Every time I see another egg I get tingles of excitement…would think this is the perfect weekend to get out there and get searching.
    Just restumbled across you – your photos are stunning!

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