Visiting the Naked Ladies in York House Gardens, Twickenham

Having ventured down to Twickenham for the Open Artist Studio weekend on Eel Pie Island, Danny and I decided on a visit to the neighbouring York House Gardens which is famous for its “naked ladies”, which are positioned on the rocks of a waterfall at the base of the gardens.


Apparently the naked ladies are carved from Italian marble and were the property of a fraudster who committed suicide by swallowing cyanide when he was convicted of his crimes.


There’s even a beer named after them, served in the local pubs!


Having indulged ourselves with a glimpse of the Naked Ladies, we went off to explore the rest of the gardens.


There was plenty of lovely Summer greenery despite the less-than-Summery weather!


Danny and I used to live within walking distance of each other in North West London but coordinating our busy schedules is a bit more difficult these days which means it’s a treat to spend an afternoon together.


He is off on a big carefree 3.5 month adventure soon with Lucy, heading over to Asia to travel through China, Russia, Turkey and most of the ‘Stans. Oh to be a freelancer!


We found a nice dirt trail to walk through (a short one), which is pretty rare in London unless you head to the outskirts like Hampstead Heath or Wimbledon Common.


The scent of the earth is so rare these days in my everyday urban existence.


We even spotted a bit of wildlife (a few squirrels) – and pretty tame at that! It was like this one was posing for my little 20mm camera, which doesn’t have a zoom so you can see how close I got.


I found a snail too. He didn’t move much.


If I lived in Twickenham I would definitely have little thinking spot here, a place to take a pen and paper notebook and just write.


This bench seems pretty perfect.


It’s inscribed with the words “Love never ends.”


Do you have a good “thinking spot” in London?


Finally, it looks like almost “Summer” temperatures might be heading our way this weekend. Anyone have any nice plans?


I have a fun Saturday coming up with few of my favourite girls.


There will be lunch at the new Bumpkin Secret Garden restaurant in Chelsea with Carolina and Leslie and dinner in Covent Garden with Namuun, Ewa and Sharon at the Spanish tapas restaurant the Opera Tavern. There will surely be blog posts with delicious food photos to follow.


If you happen to be near Twickenham this weekend, make sure to stop an say hello to the Naked Ladies! You can take a lovely stroll down the riverfront too. Hopefully the sky will be much more blue…


Danny and I ended our Twickenham adventures on Bell Lane.


As part of the Eel Pie Island open weekend, there were a few street vendors so we indulged on pizza (Danny) and crepes (me)!



6 comments on “Visiting the Naked Ladies in York House Gardens, Twickenham

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  2. very nice post! the thinking spots are wonderful, and everyone should have one. I’m moving to london this fall, so will seek mine out, thanks for sharing.

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