Goodbye LLO: The Last Post and a Giveaway


Please note: Little London Observationist blog will no longer be updated. Please find me over on Little Observationist instead.

On May 17, 2009 – exactly five years ago today – I started Little London Observationist with a single photo of a corner shop window on Kilburn Lane. The message in the window said: “Newspapers, Stamps, Sandwitches”. It was the beginning of my hunt for the little things, the small observations of life in this city that was still very new to me at the time.

Delivery by Broomstick

Over the next five years, LLO grew and grew to the point where I was posting seven days a week at one point. The posts grew longer, full of stories as I explored more of London and got to know some of the people who have called this city home. One of my favourite parts of building this blog was the people who brought it to life. I interviewed 87 artists for the London Art Spot series and 83 additional Londoners for Listen to a Londoner and all of them inspired me in one way or another.


I wrote 1,084 posts, just about all of them full of original photography. I met many fascinating people through LLO and blogger events, some of whom I became friends with in the real world. It has been an incredible way to discover my adopted city as an expat.


It is bittersweet to announce that I have decided this will be my last post on Little London Observationist.

Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, London

When I first moved to London in 2007, I spent every single weekend, spare moments after work and sometimes even lunch breaks running around the city with my camera, hopping on to buses heading to destinations with which I was unfamiliar and alighting at the most random stops. I wanted to find the hidden gems, the tiny quirky cafes and the colourful back streets. And I did.


And in making those discoveries, I carved out the parts of the city that I really connected with and that helped me to change my London from the sprawling metropolis that it is to a place I can call home. Now, after living here for seven years, I still crave new discoveries, but I also long for familiarity – places that are mine, that I can return to over and over again, where the people making my tea know my order by heart, where people in my favourite shops welcome me back with a smile, where I have a seat by the window in cafe that always makes me feel inspired every time I sit there. I have these things now and I’m really enjoying them. Maybe it’s because I turned 30 in December, but London feels cosier now, less intimidating, but still exciting with the world at my fingertips.


The honest truth is that running all over the city on public transport every second of my free time no longer appeals quite as much as it did to me before. Sometimes yes, but not enough to create enough compelling content from all over the city for LLO as consistently as I used to. I also find that I travel a bit more these days, I have other projects I’m working on and different interests that I’d like to focus on that don’t fit in with the content and vision of LLO.


I’ve had a blog on one platform or another since 2002 and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. It’s a real passion for me (and possibly an addiction). And so, this is simply a change of direction to match my change of focus. As most of you probably already know, I started writing Little Observationist in April 2013. I update three times a week. I post London content there, but there’s also photography from my travels, the little things from everyday life and recipes too. I welcome you all to follow me there, say hello and let me know you came through LLO.


What of the content from the last five years of Little London Observationist? It will stay here. The blog will stay live as people stop by every day for the archived posts. I also hope, at some point after my wedding this year, to start compiling some of the best bits into a book. If you are or know of an editor / publisher who would like to work with me on this project, please get in touch. You can reach me at


Most importantly, I’d like to end this last post by saying thank you to all of you who have contributed to LLO through interviews, guest posts or photos and to those of you who have followed me on my journey here for the last five years. Your comments and friendship have made it all entirely worth it and I hope to see you over on Little Observationist as well!


As a thank you to those of you who follow me over to the new blog, I’m going to give away one of the canvas prints that was featured in my solo exhibition in November. It’s a photograph of Big Ben and the lamp posts South Bank, worth £300. The link will take you to Etsy where you can see the measurements and the story behind it. A winner will be selected at random from those who enter and notified by email.



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Saturday, May 24, 2014 (This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Ian of London Unveiled!)

Steph x

35 comments on “Goodbye LLO: The Last Post and a Giveaway

  1. Sorry to see LLO go, but completely understand how time consuming blogs can be and how our focus pocus can change. Thanks so much for all the inspiring posts over the years and see you on the other side at little observationist !! Enjoy those wedding preparations 🙂

  2. Hi Steph, whats going on? Have you decided to do something else. got bored or ovewhelmed. This post will be missed! Jc

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    65 Franklin St. Boston, MA 02110

    T: +1 857 288 7914 F: +1 857 207 3324

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    Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: CAPA Blog:

  3. It’s a sad day 😦 Really sorry to see LLO go, enjoyed reading all you posts and updates and enjoying the fantastic photographs!!! But appreciate the time that goes into it, hope you have a great wedding and I will be sure to check out your new blog. I would love to enter the competition, its a fantastic piece

  4. Steph, LLO has been an incredible blog! When my friend began a community blog in our town, I sent him here to see how it was done. With your focus on local artists and people, you kept a consistent quality but I know just how much work it must have been. I’m glad it will still be here but equally glad that you’re moving on to a new adventure.

    I’ve been following you on Feedly for some time, have added you on Facebook (I thought I’d already done that!) and would love to enter the competition! I’m not sure if you have my email address – I’ll leave my more public one here – emminlondon at gmail dot com.

    • Thanks Mandy! I really appreciate all of your comments and support over the years and I know you’ve already been following LO too. Thanks for the feedback on local artists and people. That’s something I plan to continue doing on the new site as well. And I’ll definitely put your name down for the competition! x

  5. I have truly loved reading your blog over the years. You have been a wonderful inspiration to us expat bloggers and I will miss your updates. Enjoy ‘familiarity’ for a while, good luck on what you choose to do next, and… have a FABULOUS WEDDING DAY!

    • Thank you! I can’t believe how quickly the wedding is coming! Also, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed following along and even found it an inspiration. That’s really nice to hear. Hope to see you over on LO as well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  6. It’s been fun reading your London blog posts over the years. You’ve provided a tremendous value to your readers. I’ll enjoy following your other blog but will miss the pure loo ( my auto correct insists your l l o should be loo!!!) focus. And of course enter me in your contest. Hope we meet one day,. All the best Ian

    • Thanks Ian! It’s always nice to hear when people find value on the blog. I’ll still share the London links on the LLO Facebook page so if you just want to see those ones, keep an eye out there 🙂 I hope we meet one day too. Maybe I’ll organise a blogger meet up once the wedding chaos is over. And of course, you are entered into the contest. Your autocorrect is pretty amusing, by the way. Enjoy the sunny Sunday!

  7. One of the very best London blogs and one that inspired me to start my own. I’ll look forward to continuing to read Little Observationist though and I’m super excited about the thought of an LLO book in the future. All the best with the wedding and a blogger meet up at some point sounds amazing 😉

  8. Very sorry to see you leaving, so London will be a little bit more far away for me now 😉 Thank you so much for your time and your great posts about one of my favourit cities! All the best for you Steph, I will miss you.. M :)))

  9. A sad day for your readers but exciting for you and your new focus. I shall certainly keep following along with your other site. Thank you for the years of wonderful posts and all the ideas and insights. When I first began my own blog, yours was a wonderful example by which to be inspired. Thank you, thank you and all the best for the future!

    • Thanks Flora. I hope it’s not too much of a huge change, more of a slight shift! Glad you’ve enjoyed LLO over the years. It’s always nice to hear that the blog is an inspiration in some way or another to other people. Yours is an inspiration to me as well so it goes both ways!

  10. To echo the posts above – it’ll be a shame to see LLO go, but keeping up one blog is hard enough, let alone adding two to the mix. This has been one of those blogs I’d always check in on, and it’s been lovely reading it over the years. Will catch you on LO soon 🙂 Jo x

  11. So sad….but I’ll continue to follow you on LLO and thank-you for all the wonderful post so far. 🙂

  12. Sorry to see LLO go, but I totally understand where you’re at. Things change. Plus it is hard when you have two blogs running, what to post where. It can be exhausting to keep both of them going.

  13. I will sure miss LLO. It has been fulfilling my need to escape for quite some time now. It put a smile on my face very often and made me love London even more.

  14. Will be sad to see your cute little blog go! I have come across your blog a ton of times when searching for various little bits, it’s really well written and theres like you said, lots of unique visual content which makes it a lot different to what i often read!

    Hope you move on to bigger and better things! 🙂

  15. So sorry to see you ending LLO, but I’ve really been enjoying LO since I started following it. And also sorry that I missed your deadline for the drawing on your beautiful photograph. If you’re taking late entries, toss my name in! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m taking a new position as a Dean at SUNY Oswego, and thus I won’t be bringing our group of 16 students to London this summer. I’m absolutely heartbroken, despite how excited I am about the new job. My weeks in London every summer have become a part of the fiber of my life, and I’m feeling a great deal of loss at the thought of letting it go. I’m hoping to develop a joint program between Oswego and Fredonia, but that depends on a lot of variables falling into place.

    A few final notes…

    Thank you for the ongoing glimpses of London that LLO has provided me throughout the year, so that I have come to know the city visually in seasons other than summer.

    Thank you for your beautiful photographs and inspiring work ethic! You make me want to be a blogger!

    Thank you for featuring so many visual artists, and expanding my exposure to so much terrific work.

    And a recommendation…last year, I met another expat/now Londoner, the poet Tamar Yoseloff. She was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes prize for her collection of poems Formerly, which she produced in collaboration with photographer and graphic designer Vici MacDonald. They formed their own press, Hercules Editions, to create the book and want to keep publishing works that combine writing and visual works. I’m not sure they’ve considered your kind of project since they work mostly with poetry, but it’s worth a shout out. Their website is

    Good luck, and keep up the addiction! I love your blogs…

    • Thanks for the lovely note and kind words, Adrienne. I did hear about your wonderful new position at Oswego. Congratulations! It will be a great move for you I’m sure, and if there is a chance to collaborate with Fredonia, even better! I will certainly miss catching up over the Summer. I’m sure you will still find yourself in London once in a while. I’m sure McV will miss her partner in crime too!

      I’m so happy that the blogs inspire you. That’s flattering coming from someone who has inspired me over the years. If you ever set up a blog, I will certainly follow along.

      Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely look up Tamar Yoseloff and Vici MacDonald. Even if there are not interested in publishing works beyond poetry, I’m sure they will make interesting people to connect with and perhaps even interview?

  16. I only found your blog after it was closed but will enjoy reading all your old posts anyway 🙂
    Love London even more now I am overseas!

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