Londoners: Peacock Feather Sellers

Making a regular appearance on Brick Lane, the peacock feather sellers always intrigue me. I asked this man if I could take him photo and he said yes. He posed, wiggled his lips around a bit, but didn’t break a smile.  

Brick Lane is a largely South Asian area. Peacocks are native to Sri Lanka and India where they are the national bird and fully protected under the National Wildlife Act. The feathers are considered auspicious and protective, the bird itself sacred in many cultures. Many of the feathers sold on Brick Lane are imported from Bangladesh – the home country of many people who live around the area.

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5 comments on “Londoners: Peacock Feather Sellers

  1. I remember seeing this guy (and others) at Brick lane. The one time i actually wanted to buy feathers the cops were speaking to him and as it looked rather serious (not sure if it is legal to sell like that) I chose not to interrupt.

    Unfortunately peacock feathers are really expensive and a lot harder to come by in australia!

  2. hi ALL i have peackok feathers at home with me ryt now but unforutaunetly iam far away from u guys there really faboulous and wondeful my mom got them from india she bought them expensive in 1996 and by now they are really expensive there in a new condition as if u just bought them but anyway iam cmin to london in 12months so idk wat to say 🙂

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