60 Photographs of Londoners: Part 2

Carrying on from Tuesday’s part 1 post, here’s the other 30 photographs of Londoners!

stranger # 145
Photo: Xanthi is here from Greece studying Music Management – photographed on The Kingsway by stretch1000 London Faces

The Real Thing [Explored #326]
Photo: The Real Thing by John Kortland

The People of Soho: The Bass Player
Photo: Bass Player Lewis from London band La Shark in Bourchier Street, Soho by Pete Zelewski

Keeping Warm  [Explored #469]
Photo: Keeping Warm by John Kortland

55/100, Suzette and Charlotte/London (Shoreditch)
Photo: Suzette and Charlotte from South and East London respectively by Jonathan Campenni

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Brick Lane Street Portrait
hoto: Brick Lane street portrait by Justin Sneddon

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Can We Talk ? [Explored #97]
Photo: Can we talk? by John Kortland

stranger # 143
Photo: Carrolynne on her way home from the gym, photographed on Charterhouse Street, Smithfield by stretch1000 London Faces

Cavendish Square
Photo: Cavendish Square by Richard Stern

Photo: Character by Steve Reed

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Well One At Least ! [Explored #361]
Photo: Well, one at least! by John Kortland

Jake at the Heygate
Photo: Jake at the Heygate by Becky Frances

Rock On [Explored # 272]
Photo: Rock on by John Kortland

Repairs and Alterations, Walworth
Photo: Repairs and alterations, Walworth by getintheshot

Sun Effect
Photo: Sun effect in St. James Park by John Kortland

Valerie June?
Photo: Valerie June? by r3cycl3r

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

stranger # 144
Photo: Chakrin is from Thailand and is working in a Thai restaurant in London to support himself while he completes a degree in Financial Management, photographed on Little Portland Street by stretch1000 London Faces

Exit Strategy
Photo: Exit strategy by John Kortland

Seeking Enlightenment
Photo: Seeking enlightenment by John Kortland

Red, Green, Yellow
Photo: Red, Green and Yellow by Steve Reed

Ten ?
Photo: Ten? Bishops Square, Spitalfields by John Kortland

Get Comfortable
Photo: Get Comfortable by Steve Reed

Off To The Side
Photo: Off to the Side by John Kortland

Self Love
Photo: Self love by John Kortland

Brick Lane Street Portrait
Photo: Brick Lane street portrait by Justin Sneddon

Brick Lane shopfrontsPhoto: Brick Lane shop fronts by Astrid Tontson

Leave your faves in the comments!

60 Photographs of Londoners: Part 1

Occasionally, street photographer John Kortland and I meet up for tea and a lunch break catch up. I realised when I saw him last week that it’s been ages since I last dug into the valuable resource that is the LLO Flickr pool. So today I give you a good old Londoners post followed by a part two next week and coming shortly also from the Flickr pool, we’ll have street art post and a few other interesting snippets of London life. Thanks to all the photographers who continue to contribute to the Flickr pool!

Careful Coiffure
Photo: Careful coiffure by John Kortland

Photo: Colourful by Steve Reed

stranger # 140
Photo: Kofi, a musician in the band Kofi and the Mandem on Great Chapel Street, Soho by stretch1000 London Faces

The i-Hide App
Photo: The i-Hide App by John Kortland

father's day
Photo: Father’s Day at The Red Lion Pub, Leytonstone by Jan Rockar

Extra Highlight
Photo: Extra highlight by John Kortland

Brick Lane Street Portrait
Photo: Brick Lane street portrait by Justin Sneddon

stranger # 146
Photo: Bernard, a student of fine arts, walking across The Strand by stretch1000 London Faces

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Not Telling
Photo: Not Telling by John Kortland

Alex (Stranger #8/100), London Brick Lane
Photo: Alex is Italian, in London to visit his girlfriend who is temporarily living here photographed by H Matthew Howarth

Commisioned Work: Which?
Photo: Street portrait for Which? by Pete Zelewski

World Naked Bike Ride
Photo: World Naked Bike Ride, Waterloo Bridge by Jan Rockar

stranger # 132
Photo: Mandy on Great Portland Street by stretch1000 London Faces

Personal Police Escort
Photo: Personal police escort on St. Martin’s Lane by John Kortland

Photo: Saved by Steve Reed

Peter  [Explored #382]
Photo: Peter on The Mall by John Kortland

stranger # 142
Photo: Rim, from Japan, works at a vintage store and is in London to learn English. He’s photographed here on Drury Lane by stretch1000 London Faces

Photo: Trio by Steve Reed

Just A Jealous Guy
Photo: Just a jealous guy by John Kortland

World Naked Bike Ride 34
Photo: World Naked Bike Ride by Jan Rockar

Commissioned Work: Which?
Photo: Street portrait for Which? by Pete Zelewski

Sitting On The Fence
Photo: Sitting on the Fence by John Kortland

Photo: Basking by Steve Reed

Photo: Bus/boy by Becky Frances

The shoe mender's customer
Photo: The Shoe Mender’s Customer by getintheshot

Can't Do A Thing With It !Photo: Can’t do a thing with it! by John Kortland

Trafalgar Square
Photo: Trafalgar Square by Richard Stern

Photo: #5 by Becky Frances

Commissioned Work: Which?
Photo: Street portrait for Which? by Pete Zelewski

Favourite shot from the bunch? Leave it in the comments. Look forward to 25 more on Thursday! If you have your own shots of Londoners to share, add them to the pool.

A Lovely Bunch of Londoners

As someone who spent the first 23 years of her life in a small suburb upstate New York where people make small talk with strangers, chat with their neighbours and smile at everyone in the streets (and possibly utter a “good morning” in passing), one of the biggest challenges I had when I moved to London back in 2007 was adapting to the people.

They’re really a warm bunch when you get to know them, but being a big city of some 8 million faces from hundreds of countries, the need to carve out a personal bubble is understandable. You get used to it after a while, though, this lack of eye contact, the awkward closeness on the tube, the reluctance to speak to strangers.

Despite this, for me, the people are the greatest part of London – the languages and accents, the diversity in every sense of the word, the fashion, the expressions of creativity, etc. When someone lets you into their bubble, as people do when I interview them for LLO, you get a real sense of what this city is made of and what you find is something truly inspiring.

Other times, it’s fun to sit back and observe life in action. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a series images of Londoners from the Flickr pool. I’ve missed picking out my favourite shots as well as sharing the talent of London’s fabulous street photographers. So that’s what I’m going to do now:

Matching Nicely [Explored #301]Photo: Matching nicely by John Kortland

Rows And Rows
Photo: Rows and rows by John Kortland

Sensible Shoes
Photo: Sensible shoes by John Kortland

Black And White In ColourPhoto: Black and white in colour by John Kortland

Yami Gautam, Bollywood Actress
Photo: Yami Gautam, Bollywood Actress by John Kortland

For Richer, For Poorer [Explored #302]
Photo: For richer, for poorer by John Kortland

Happy Face
Photo: Happy face by John Kortland

The People of Soho: The Fashion Retailer
Photo: People of Soho: The fashion retailer, Lorna, in Bridle Lane by Pete Zelewski

Exhaust Fumes [Explored #322]
Photo: Exhaust fumes by John Kortland

Tahnee - Barbican
Photo: Tahnee-Barbican by Becky Frances

The People of Soho: The Celebrity Hairdresser
Photo: People of Soho, the celebrity hairdresser – with a client list that includes Sienna Miller, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiera Knightley and Johnny Depp it’s hairdresser Johnnie Sapong in Marylebone Passage by Pete Zelewski

Don't Try It At Home George !
Photo: Don’t Try It At Home, George by John Kortland

The Creative Artist
Photo: People of Soho: The creative artist, Spanish Graphic Designer and Illustrator Adriana in Nottingham Court, Covent Garden by Pete Zelewski

Up Against It  [Explored #322]
Photo: Up against it by John Kortland

Having A NibblePhoto: Having a nibble by John Kortland

Senior Rasta
Photo: Senior rasta by John Kortland

3D View
Photo: 3D View by John Kortland

Diane Abbott MP
Photo: Diane Abbott MP by John Kortland

Face In The Crowd
Photo: Face in the crowd by John Kortland

Victoria Park Portrait
Photo: Victoria Park Portrait by Becky Frances

Father and Son
Photo: Father and Son by Darren Johnson

Taking a break
Photo: Taking a Break by Graham F Kerr

The People of Soho: The Makeup Artist
Photo: People of Soho: Makeup artist Rose from cult British beauty brand Illamasqua in Bridle Lane by Pete Zelewski

Figurehead [Explored #333]
Photo: Figurehead by John Kortland

Photo: Glamorous by Steve Reed

Wrapped Up Against The Cold
Photo: Wrapped up against the cold by John Kortland

Pink And Plugged In
Photo: Pink and plugged in by by John Kortland

Blue Mood
Photo: Blue mood by John Kortland

Well Studded
Photo: Well studded by John Kortland

Photo: London underground by Jiro

Photo: Curls by John Kortland

Ring Tones
Photo: Ring tones by John Kortland

Aya (Stranger #7/100), London Brick Lane
Photo: Aya by H Matthew Howarth

16 Photographs of London Strangers

Some Londoners photographed around the city for your Tuesday morning:

The People of Soho: The CreativePhoto: Artist, designer and composer it’s Jerome in Tyler’s Court, Soho by Pete Zelewski

stranger # 135
Photo: This is Berry having a coffee at Maison Bertaux on Greek Street in Soho by Stretch1000

That Forties Look
Photo: That Forties look in Covent Garden by John Kortland

stranger # 139
Photo: Nilu just off St Giles High Street by Stretch1000

Why Ride When You Can Walk
Photo: Why ride when you can walk, St. Mary Axe by John Kortland

stranger # 46
Photo: Christina works for a dance music and clubbing magazine. She was photographed near Regents Canal, Hackney by Stretch1000

Call Me
Photo: Advertising agency receptionist Melanie in Grape Street, Bloomsbury by Pete Zelewski

Brick Lane Street Style
Photo: Brick Lane street style by LLO

stranger # 47
Photo: Strangers under a bridge in Hackney near Kingsland Road by Stretch1000

London Street Portrait
Photo: London street portrait by 67Jewels

Fringe Benefit  [Explored #109]
Photo: Fringe benefit by John Kortland

stranger # 49
Photo: Peter, a painter, on Kingsland Road by Stretch1000

Photo: Abby by Paki Nuttah

London Street Portrait
Photo: London street portrait by r3cycl3r

Stranger # 37
Photo: Satara is a half-Italian, half-Thai graphic design student from Central Saint Martin’s Collage of Art photographed by Great Titchfield Street by Stretch1000

Country Girl
Photo: Fashion marketing graduate and budding entrepreneur, it’s Stephanie in Floral Street, Covent Garden by Pete Zelewski

28 Photographs of Londoners

What a busy week! I’m squeezing this post in because as usual there have been some great contributions to the Flickr pool over the last few days. Then I’m cutting the blog short this week since tomorrow is our office Christmas party and I’m going to another one on Saturday. LLO will be back on Monday so I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead!

AlexPhoto: Alex by Dave McGowan

Photo: Composure by Gary Kinsman

Photo: Edita by ming-_-

Fish&Chic_November 2012
Photo by Fish & Chic

I'm Not Mad Really
Photo: I’m not mad really by John Kortland

Photo: Fashion by Steve Reed

Fish&Chic_November 2012
Photo by Fish & Chic

Tate un Zun
Photo: Tate un Zun by Sven Loach

Photo: Untitled by aka Jon Spence

No Cold Comfort
Photo: No cold comfort by John Kortland

Fish&Chic_November 2012
Photo by Fish & Chic

the making of a giant paella
Photo: The making of a giant paella by John Barber

The People of Soho: The Therapist
Photo: Arts Therapy Student Helen in Hollen Street, Soho by Pete Zelewski

One Smoothie Lady
Photo: One smoothie lady by Paki Nuttah

Fish&Chic_November 2012
Photo by Fish & Chic

Sideways Glance
Photo: Sideways glance by John Kortland

Photo: Stranger at the Dalston Boot Fair by Nigel Rumsey

Hot Plate
Photo: Hot plate by John Kortland

Fish&Chic_November 2012
Photo by Fish & Chic

PG Tips Tea Break on Trafalgar Square
hoto: PG Tips tea break on Trafalgar Square by kenjonbro

Smoking, Brick Lane
Photo: Smoking on Brick Lane by Justin Sneddon

The People of Soho: The English Student
Photo: English student and future property mogul Sarah in Meard Street, Soho by Pete Zelewski

Fish&Chic_November 2012
Photo by Fish & Chic

Student Photographers
Photo: Student photographers by kenjonbro

Souped-up in red & pink
Photo: Souped up in red and pink by Patrick Rosalba

stranger # 126
Photo: Tonisha is a film-maker and has a company called U Media films by Stretch1000

Leopard Legs
Photo: Leopard legs by John Kortland

Jasper: Stranger 006/100
Photo: Jasper in Barking and Dagenham by Sheradon Dublin Photographer

See you Monday!

See you Monday!