Gorilla Silent Disco

Look at all the fun I missed the other day…! Martin Payne added these great Gorilla Silent Disco photos of the Flickr Pool. Where else but London do you see a bunch of giant gorillas dancing on a bridge?




100819 Gorilla Martin 2

The gorillas danced for 30 minutes, raising awareness for the upcoming Great Gorilla Run, which is raising money for the Gorilla Organization’s conservation programme. The run is expected to bring about 700 gorillas to the streets of London so don’t be alarmed on September 26th when they take over…

5 comments on “Gorilla Silent Disco

  1. Thanks for picking up on this! Shame you were working late and couldn’t be there to see the furry fun for yourself…. Watch out, London – the Gorillas are coming!

    If anyone wishes to support the 700 Mountain Gorillas remaining in the wild by sponsoring me to run 7km around London on 26 September – in full Gorilla suit, of course! – then I, and the Gorillas, will be extremely grateful (but they promise not to come and give you a thank you hug!). You can find my sponsorship page at http://bit.ly/GorillaMartin2010.

    Apologies for the blatent plug – but it is a worthy cause. By the way, I’m the one wearing the garish shorts (as I will be on 26 September)…

  2. http://www.SilentDiscoUK.com

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    our Silent Disco Transmitters and Radio Frequency Receiver Headphones allow multiple DJs or soundsources to be broadcast to one crowd simultaneously(usually with ridiculous results).

    So, at any time you might see people ‘Raving it Up’ to The Prodigys Firestarter, some cool cats ‘Funking on Down’ to James Brown, and others ‘Cheesing it up’ to Agadoo!- and why Not? Possibly one of the funniest things you will EVER see on a dancefloor:

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