Quiet London Nights

Walking along the Thames at night is where I really fell in love with this city. It was 2004 and I was here on a study abroad programme. It was an Autumn night, quiet except for the distant sounds of boat parties and someone playing guitar. It was magical and peaceful and I was hooked.

These photos were added to the Flickr pool by jamiefraser1. Thanks Jamie!





Do you remember where you were when you fell in love with London? Or your own city for that matter?

One comment on “Quiet London Nights

  1. i’ve been in london twice in my life… and i remember falling in love with it at the very first time, when i left the tube station heading for the hotel. i don’t know why, it just felt like home. walking along the thames is one of my favorite things in town, day or night, but specially when it’s sunny. i can’t get enough of it! i already have plans to visit it again: i’ll be there next february! can’t wait 🙂


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