Borough Market and Gibbon’s Rent Garden

It was a sunny enough weekend (at least the rain only came in spurts), so we managed a little stroll over to Borough Market on Saturday.

Steaming HotPhoto: Steaming Hot by John Kortland

I never tire of the hustle and bustle of London’s many markets, the shout of vendors, the smell of fresh tomatoes, then a sharp hint of cheese followed by the slow roasted flavours of duck released under the canopies.

Apparently you have to train for years before you can carve the jamon…

We picked up two cartons of fresh strawberries for a pound, ate some later on with vanilla custard poured on top.

Hot Soup Man
Photo: Hot Soup Man by John Kortland

Fresh food. An atmosphere that is heavy with life just happening all around you.

Posh Bangerboys
Photo: Posh Bangerboys by John Kortland

Jorge and I were our way to Gibbon’s Rent for the launch event of its new design, complete with all sorts of garden accents including moss graffiti of the queen.

Gibbon’s Rent was a bit of a derelict place judging by the before and after photos. Before, strewn with empty beer cans and the remains of discarded cigarettes. After, a neat and organised pathway with lined with potted shrubs and plants. Amazing what a bit of nature can do to a neglected area. Stop by and have a look if you’re in the area (especially if you’ve seen it before). It’s a shortcut from Magdalen Street to Bermondsey.

Shop near Borough Market

I’ll show you some photos of our wander around Tower Bridge soon!

What are you up to this week? Anything exciting happening I should know about?

By the way, only 2 more likes on Facebook until 600, which means another photography print launch soon! Pass it on 🙂

[Note: Photos not given credit were taken with my iPhone]

4 comments on “Borough Market and Gibbon’s Rent Garden

  1. Fantasic photos. There really are really are undiscovered nooks and crannies all over London. And then there are corners that reinvent themselves. Great post.

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