London Streets: Cranley Mews, SW7

Jorge and I stumbled upon a peaceful little place called Cranley Mews the other day while wandering around South Kensington. The first house caught my eye with its red bricks and black and white stripes:

Out of curiosity, we wandered down the mews a bit, passing a couple outdoors enjoying a coffee at a small table.

And naturally, a walk down this secluded little row of colourful houses, one with a Union Jack on the front, lead us to check property prices (as you do…). If anyone is interested, it’s anywhere from about £600 to £1,400 per week to rent or £1.5 million to buy.

Interested in seeing some photos of the interiors? Here’s a couple photos in the links below:
£625 per week, 1 bedroom (US$ 993)
£925 per week
, 3 bedroom (US$ 1,470)
£1,200 per week
, 2 bedroom (US$ 1,907)
£1,400 per week, 3 bedroom (US$ 2,225)

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