Men in Morph Suits

We were heading down into Liverpool Street station when seven guys dressed in “morph suits” – all different colours – casually walked by. In London, you always expect the unexpected, so I wasn’t too surprised, but it was the hottest day of the year and those were some pretty claustrophobic-looking outfits.

Morph Suit Boys

They seemed to enjoy the attention though, and even posed on the platform for photos before entertaining us with typical guy conversation on the tube. Plus, I got a high-five from the purple guy.

Morph Suits on the Tube

If you’re wondering, I did look up the website – – advertised across their bums and, well, apparently “morph suits don’t need explaining”. 

I did find out that they come in zebra print, comando and American flag varities. And it does offer some useful information such as an FAQ page with questions like “What do I wear under a morph suit?” “Where’s the best place to keep a wallet” and “Can I really drink through it?” 

Just in case you were interested…

(They are, of course, American.) << — Lies. Turns out we can blame the Brits.


39 comments on “Men in Morph Suits

  1. What a lovely post! I love the look of those suits and would definitely consider going out in one (with my love handles and all) because your face is covered! Just charming.

  2. “(They are, of course, American.)”

    Hey they aren’t American, they are from good ole bilghty, dont know where you got the idea they are American, we sell genuine morphsuits on our website, supplied by AFG Media Ltd the inventors of the name morphsuits a British company 🙂

  3. Hi Sarge, Thanks for pointing that out. The website I was on while writing this seemed to suggest they were. Teach me to do my research… :p

    Anyway, it’s good to know that the Brits are just as crazy, if not crazier, than the Americans!! 🙂

  4. Hey no problems, we get a load of customers from the good ole US, so looks like were all crazy together, along with the Ausies and the Kiwis cause they just love these morphsuits as well.

    Nice blog by the way, brilliant idea..looks like you put a lot of work into this site, keep it up.

    Rgds Sarge

  5. Not to bash anyone but Sarge, these suits are not from your store and or brand. Your store has nothing to do with although you are pretending to be

    we sell genuine morphsuits on our website is the real supplier of the suits displayed

  6. Hi, can we just clarify this, we buy our suits wholesale from, we dont have a brand “we sell genuine morphsuits on our website” which are supplied by AFG Media, who own, morphsuits is a registered trade mark of AFG Media, so we really aren’t pretenting to be anything can I quote my initial post “we sell genuine morphsuits on our website, supplied by AFG Media Ltd the inventors of the name morphsuits a British company ” where you assumed I was selling anything other than branded genuine morphsuits beats me.

    Best regards .. Sarge

    • I understand that Maggie, however, we do sell morphsuits, which have on the back, exactly what do I need to get over ? the forum owner has implied we dont sell morphsuits, which are supplied from, I would just like to clarify we do…end of, I dont think my response to Stephanies post to clarify the situation is boring, its just clarifying our companies position in realtion to the original post made, so thats me now “over it”

  7. Although Morphsuits have done great things to bring this sort of attire to the masses, would like to point out that these suits originated in Japan under the name of Zentai.

    However, the name Morphsuits is more of a catchy name than Zentai (as most people might struggle how to spell it!)

  8. EMM- I know what you mean. It would be so much fun to be out & about in a suit where you could run into anybody and they wouldn’t recognize you. You could be anything outrageous (including being totally purple person) and not have to worry about “what will the neighbours think?”

    And to not have to worry about being pudgy, or skinny, or anything else, because you’re anonymous . . .

  9. Are these “morphsuits” something new? In fact not. Zentai walkabouts happened at London also in 2006 and earlier, as You could state at the gallery of

    And also in fact You’ll find a row of producer of such suits and their shops in the net (for example located at Germany and China), and reseller of them worldwide without numbers, who are in the business since years and who don’t make their customers to advertise them. should pay for that.

  10. Wearing a zentai (or even a morph suit) around London is great! Most people tend to ignore you or regard you as being ‘not out of the ordinary’…

    On a recent ‘walkabout’ on the South Bank for example, the majority of the crowds appeared not to take any notice of a Purple Morph and a Tiger man walking around taking photos! The only negative comment I received was a teenage girl suggesting it was a bit “gay” that I was wearing purple Ugg boots with my purple suit…. Obviously not a problem wearing skin tight lycra then!

  11. Gotta love a good marketing plan eh?

    But yes: ZENTAI (also known as: Morphsuit, super fan suit, rootsuit etc.) is a Japanese creation.

    ZENshin TAItsu = zentai. It literall means one tight suit. And that’s what we have here, folks! under a different name, but the same thing.

    Whether you like Orbit, Wrigglies, Big Red, Xtra…it’s still chewing gum ^_^

    I live in London and lived in zentai for a whole month walking around in the public and all and documented it all. More zentai and fun in the world can only be a good thing.


  12. Zentai has definitely grown. I’ve been into it for about 6 years now and am personally okay with the growth.

    Living in the US, It’s ( made it easier for me to buy the suits because they are based in the US and I can get them in about 2 days. Also, Shipping is super cheap.

    3 Years ago, I had to order from Japan — which took forever!

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  14. Was on a boat trip on the river thames on saturday and 5 guys had them on… they called them Zsuits … was cracking evening and they were the focal point of the party!

  15. i just halfta say i love msuperfansuit/morphsuit or whatever you call it. Lifes never been so much fun, im trying to get more people into running around in em, because its so much fun.

  16. I am trying desperately for either a good working p telephone number for morphsuit in either London or America. I paid $80 US on the webiste and never received anything except a confirmation that they indeed have my money and that I should have received product on October 39th. Now several days latter no product and no further communication from them

    the only contact information on the site is an email address but they have not responded to my email inquiries. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  17. We got ours here, they do morphsuits and zentai suits, the delivery was very fast and the zentai suits were great quality, we even go organza bags to store the suits in for free, think the zentai suits were around £24.99

  18. Hi Judit, thanks for the comment, just a side note we have stopped selling zentai suits and are focusing our efforts on morphsuits, we are going to add the full range of morphsuits to our site in the coming few weeks.


    • Yea, it looks exactly like that green one on the site 🙂 The kid was on the Jumbotron at a Buffalo Sabres hockey game which is where I saw it and then my mom saw him on Halloween weekend at a kids event at her work. Apparently all the people she works with were commenting on the suit and they were all amazed that she knew it was a morphsuit cuz she’d been reading my blog 🙂

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