Londoners: Ron & Betsy

Ron and Betsy 1

This is Ron and his dog, Betsy. They’re constantly seen together on Portobello Road, Betsy always perched on Ron’s shoulder while he mingles with the market vendors and helps out with a few fruit and veggie stalls.

I walked over and asked if I could take a photo. Ron smiled and nodded, raising his tattoo-covered knuckles up to pat Betsy on the head. He said, “Yea, go on babe.”

He’s gotta be the coolest guy around that area. I hear someone is writing his biography but not sure if that’s just a rumour or any of the details. If anyone knows more, I’d love to read it, so let me know! If you want to see other photos, have a look at the Ron and Betsy Flickr group (and of course, they’ve also been honoured with a Facebook page…)

Ron and Betsy 2

4 comments on “Londoners: Ron & Betsy

  1. Cool. Now I know their names – but it’d probably freak them out if I addressed them properly.

    In the 80s there used to be “blind accordion man”. He was an old, homeless bloke that hung around the same area with a rusty biscuit tin and played folky songs; a proper character – almost Dickensian, especially in the way he dressed at that time.
    I think this is him in his youth:
    He died sometime in the mid/late 80s; and I saw when he collapsed when I was a kid.

    Don’t know why I shared that as it’s off topic, but there you go.

  2. Oh wow! I saw this guy and took a photo of him and thought he was amazing / surreal! So now, thanks to you, he has a name and his dog has a name and I know I wasn’t just dreaming when I saw him. Thanks! Made my day. :o)

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