Moving Day!

(Photo from Sign of the Times)

Today is moving day. I’ve lived in a lot of places in London, all west: Knightsbridge, Kensal Green, Ealing Broadway, Earl’s Court and now… Southfields…

(Photo from Rileys)

I was looking for somewhere a bit green, a bit quieter, somewhat outside of the chaos without being too far from civilization. But I don’t know know anything about Southfields other than what I’ve been able to Google. Do any of you live around there or know it well? Where are the best places for hanging out, eating, pubbing, shopping, etc? Night buses? Food shopping? What’s the area like generally?

(Photo from Rileys)

Any tips, observations, advice, comments, words of wisdom? Pictures?


4 comments on “Moving Day!

  1. Ooooh, enjoy your new home and new area! I don’t know anything about that area, other then the abundance of South African shops selling South African food, but I imagine that is of little assistance to you!

  2. Hey hey, I lived in Southfields many moons ago! It is a very friendly place if you are South African, Aussie or Kiwi. And a great place if you like getting outdoors! A few places I remember eating at which are close by were in putney and Wimbledon which both are a stones throw away 🙂 Buses and trains are quite reqular in both directions 🙂 I am also thinking of coming over to london again for a few months next year 😉

    • Hi Boo, Good to know! I took a little bus ride over to Wimbledon for food shopping yesterday and looks like a lively little place so I’m looking forward to exploring properly. If you can remember any of those restaurant names, let me know!

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