London Links: Weekend 5

How has your week been? Any special plans for the weekend?

This week I said goodbye to a good friend (from Canada) who’s moving from London to Australia. Last year one of my best friends (from Lithuania) who was living in London moved to Toronto and another back home to Mongolia with a few months in San Francisco in between.

This has happened many times while I’ve been living London. It’s a very transient city. I don’t see myself here forever either. Do you? I already left once. Of course I came back… because it’s brilliant…

Anyway, this means a lot of goodbyes, a lot of new friendships that develop with people from all over the world moving in, and a lot of countries to add to the never-ending list of those to visit!

When’s the last time you said goodbye to a friend who moved to another country? Have you gone to visit?

Here’s a lovely street art photo to kick off the weekend…

Noose Heart
Photo: Noose Heart on Commercial Street by Iris Jones

…and here’s some links from what some of my fellow London bloggers have been up to this week:

Have a great weekend everyone. See you in September!


2 comments on “London Links: Weekend 5

  1. I haven’t said good by to a friend going to another country but I have had friends who moved to another state. The last time a friend moved was five years ago when she moved to Florida. The distance to Florida to NY as you know is a longer distance than some countries in Europe. I had the pleasure of visiting her there this summer,

  2. In Barcelona it’s like someone has flipped the switch from summer to autumn. In a matter of 2 days we’ve gone from heat wave to that transition period of summer days/autumn nights. It’s also a very transient city, a lot of 6-8 monthers doing their Tefl certificates before taking off. Even more so with the deepening crisis. I’m going to have to start cutting up passports if this exodus doesn’t let up.

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