London Links: Weekend 7

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What a busy week! How has yours been?

Can you feel the Autumn weather settling in? In the morning, I can see my breath when I walk to work. In the evening, the sun is fading earlier. Shadows are changing. It’s almost pumpkin latte season! But on to some other interesting stuff…like tyres…

Somewhere between Wood Green and Bounds Green in North London is Truro Road. What do you find there? Lots of tyres, apparently! Love this photo by Lindsey from Londonist:

Truro Road tyres

And here’s some links from a few fabulous London bloggers to keep you occupied until I return on Monday:

  • Hooked Blog photographed a new RUN mural in Clapton.
  • The Accidental Londoner pays a visit to Made in Camden, the ground floor eatery at the Roundhouse.
  • Hunt for Design digs under the surface to find out the story behind the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.
  • This little piece on How to Make British Friends over on GB Mag is a pretty amusing read.
  • Great Little Place asks: Are you East or West? I adore the East for photography, nightlife, etc, but my London habits show I’m definitely West. I’ve worked in either Notting Hill or Gloucester Road for more than four years now. I’ve lived in Knightsbridge, Kensal Green, Ealing Broadway, Earl’s Court and Southfields and lately spend half my time at Jorge’s house in Chelsea – all West.
  • Not a huge fan of dogs, but I’m a sucker for a fun piece of art. Bloody Brilliant spotted one here outside the RSPCA.
  • Ian Visits takes a look at British Railway’s art deco style electrical control room.
  • An interesting piece of public art on London Is Cool. Know who it’s from?
  • Tattoo convention anyone? Head over to Londoner’s Eye for details.
  • Have you ever been to a supper club in London? If not, as Miss Immy’s photos show, Clandestino’s looks like a pretty awesome option!
  • London Fashion Week starts today. This. Here. Now., the Time Out blog, has a London Fashion Week guide.
  • Paralympic death threats from Shit London anyone?
  • A nice patriotic thank you to London photo on Smitten by Britain.
  • Tiki Chris posts a few words of advice from the new Zagat guide. Looking for somewhere to eat out this weekend?
  • I can never choose a new post for you from Spitalfields Life because it’s just too brilliant all around. Just stop by. You won’t be disappointed.

As always, cheers for all the new likes on Facebook and shares on Twitter this week!

Side note: It’s one year since since I launched my Etsy Print shop: .
In celebration, all prints will be 30% off starting now through this weekend only. Share the love.
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Chao till Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

2 comments on “London Links: Weekend 7

  1. Ah-ha. tyres. How kerb? I too was an expatriate in London long ago so I know what of I speak. If you can’t beat them, join them. On my honour.(American spell check has kicked it. It thinks it should be tires and curb……..and honor)
    I’m rambling now, but does Great Britain have its own spell check?

    • It’s actually really funny that you say that. I am also American (as I’m sure you know) and it took me a long time to start spelling British English when I moved here in 2007, but I had to learn to make it automatic for work. Now I write home in British English (or sometimes half and half) but I started working for an American company in London in June and even though we work here, we use American spelling. So now all that work to get British spelling into my head must be undone. However, I always spell with British English on the blog for some reason (or at least I think I do…) I do hate the spelling of kerb. I don’t mind all the “ou”s though. 🙂

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