A Small World Afterall

Back in September, I took a Saturday stroll through Portobello Market and came across a man wearing posters, campaigning for animal rights. I wrote a post about the little amusing thing that happened when I walked by. The gentleman who I wrote about found my blog at random two months later and commented on that same post, “I am the man who wears the posters. I came across your lovely remarks by accident…. etc.”

I asked him if he would like to write a guest post on my blog about his experiences campaigning around Portobello for the last two years, but he declined, saying it wouldn’t be particularly interesting. Instead, he sent me a photo of himself in action at Portobello Market.

I love how, in a city of 7 million, it is still possible to connect with strangers.

6 comments on “A Small World Afterall

  1. I think it is incredible that you connected!! Perhaps he will read these comments and come to realise that we want to hear what he has to say. He has a ready audience, he just needs to speak now!

  2. I think more interesting than reading passers bys comments would be to visit the Farm Animal Rights Movement website(http://www.farmusa.org/) where a subscription to their free email magazine can also be requested.I would also urge readers to watch the short(13 min) film which can be viewed online by clicking the link Watch “Their Future in Your Hands” online on the following website;

  3. When I was living in Barbados an American tourist recognised me at the beach, from my pictures on the blog I use to do when I was there. Which was a good feeling.

    Mr Campaigner and his point of view may be more interesting than he gives himself credit for….

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